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Welcoming Elance as Platinum Sponsor


Elance Logo

Today we are presenting you Elance, our platinum sponsor for this year’s StartupBus 2013 competition.
The Elance platform provides access to a global network of over 2.8 million professional freelancers in all kind of fields. If design, (mobile) development, marketing, market research, customer service, quality texting or other business disciplines, Elance offers a fast and very flexible way to find and contact exactly the professional contractor that you need for your project. It’s even flexible and easy enough to allow you using it on a bus building your 8 hours old idea into a product on the way to Pioneers Festival, one of the biggest tech and startup conferences in Europe.

Elance to provide exclusive access for StartupBus Buspreneurs

That’s why we at StartupBus are so excited about our partnership with Elance: All buspreneurs on the six European busses this year will have exclusive access to the Elance pool of great freelancers. Lacking of GFX resources on your team or need first product testers to give you feedback on your product? No problem! Use Elance to find a suitable partner when you get on the bus in Cologne and have your results waiting for you when you get off in Karlsruhe 4 hours later.

Elance joining the live changing experience

Representatives from Elance will join the German and the UK StartupBus to support the teams using the Elance platform and finding the most suitable freelancers on the globe. We are very glad that Elance is joining us on our life changing road trip and are looking forward to the amazing possibilities that are offered to our buspreneurs.

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