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The StartupBus is a competition, but it’s also a community. We’re not going to be peering over your shoulder to make sure you follow any “rules,” but, we do want to make sure that things runs smoothly and answer a few questions. So here’s the official Buspreneur’s Honor Code that everyone is expected to follow on the StartupBus:

– No existing code, businesses or projects: It’s got to be conceived, designed, built and launched on the bus. You can’t claim it was built during a hackathon if you came in with it already half built. IP and ownership also get really messy if you bring stuff with you. Public API’s are totally cool.
– Anyone who wants to can pitch an idea about pretty much anything and those who pitch the idea are responsible for gathering support and building a team from the people on the bus after all the pitches are finished.
– If your team would like to compete in the final contest, you’ll need an online demo (working product, video walkthrough, slides deck, etc.) and/or a video demo of it online by 11:59pm CST on the 10th. You are encouraged to continue polishing your product between “landing” and the final contest, but we ask that you also get us a frozen copy (in our repo, a zip file, etc) of the code by the same deadline so that if there are any questions we know what came from the bus and what didn’t.
– By all means, talk trash about the other regions, but don’t be “that guy”. We’re all here to have fun…don’t take it too far 🙂

We’re getting close! I hope you’re all as excited as we are!!

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