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One of the rules I set after the first StartupBus, is that all future buses need to be run by alumni of the ‘buspreneur’ community. We call these people “Bus Conductors”. They play a huge role in the process leading up to the event but also in the way the event is executed like how I did it last year on my own. This year, we will have six buses run by six different people.

From the West Coast, Jonas Huckestein (video) and Brandon Leonardo (video) will run the Bay Area buses (one from San Francisco or “new” SilIcon Valley) and one from Palo Alto or “Old” Silicon Valley). From the mid-west, Anthony Broad-Crawford (video) will run the Cleveland bus and Karolis Karalevicius (video) will run the Chicago bus. And from the East coast, Justin Isaf (video) will run the New York City bus while Steve Repetti (video) will run the Miami bus. (And without leaving him out, Igor Dolgalev (video) is helping out with the design side of things and likely will be on the New York bus.)

The conductors are busy going through the hundreds of applications we have received and prioritising them. Confirmations for the next stage is happening gradually for people and over the coming days we hope to notify a lot more people.

So if you have a questions, reach out to the conducters (or all of us through team @ Justin is making it a rule of meetingeveryone that he picks and Anthony is declaring on Twitter cafes he is working out of to meet people. Each of them has their own biases and the only agreed on rule by the group is that they pick kick-arse people. It’s just “kick-arse” means completely different things to each of the conducters.

— Elias Bizannes (video), the first bus conductor

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