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A week ago on Friday 8 July 2011, we had our 2012 launch party with well over 100 people attend, hosted at our new headquarters at StartupHouse — check some of our photos (and many thanks toAtlassian for their support and sponsorship of the party).

At the party, we announced the challenge we had with StartupBus 2011. When we opened up applications in late January, we had over 1200 people flag their interest in us over the next month, with 600 people receiving invitations to apply and that formally submitted an application. We ended up only accepting 25% of those applicants, despite the calibre of talent being way higher than we ever imagined and had us wanting to accept many more people.

So we are going to run an experiment this week in San Francisco: a new kind of StartupBus event. This event will not only be standalone fun to participate in, but it also will help us with our March 2012 main event by filtering people. More importantly though, it will also further our goals of teaching people how to be more effective in the startup world in a new way that hasn’t be done before (but with the same philosophy which we regard as ‘constraints based’ innovation).

We’re calling it the 24 hour challenge. You will be broken into three streams: Hackers (people that can code), designers (people that can create interfaces), and hustlers (people that can market to influence other people). As individuals, you will be told to meet a challenge that starts at 9pm, where you will be given a challenge according to the stream you are in. And then, every three hours an announcement will be made which will influence what you are working on.

By 9pm the following night, the challenge ends and it’s time to party! An awesome panel of judges will be assessing your output and we have some amazing companies supporting us, such as Socialize who are the same company behind the the very successful Appmakr and who this week will be announcing some of their own news which will change the industry.

So to recap, this is a 24 challenge that you participate in asindividuals, broken into three streams known as hackersdesigners, and hustlers. There will be prizes based on what you produce and yourperformance will be used as a new way for us to filter the thousands of people applying to be on StartupBus 2012 (when we – gulp – open the applications again).

Our March event which is what we have been known for during these last two years, has been a unique experience that has changed multiple people’s lives. With this 24 hour challenge — although it’s ultimately tied to our March event — we hope will also create a unique experience that makes you more effective hackers, designers and hustlers in the startup world.

Given we are piloting the concept, we’re only going to have a limited group doing this challenge. Make sure you get your ticket before we sell out and we look forward to what I think will be a very memorable experience.  Get your ticket here:

— Elias Bizannes, StartupBus Founder.

Socialize will be offering $2000 in cash to the winners. And don’t worry, it’s for a cool reason. Thanks Socialize!



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