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iHandy Press Release


Press Release


50% of all private customers in Germany are finding their handyman online.

With iHandy this ratio should be increased by serving a new user experience and functionalities to the user


28. October 2013. StartupBus Germany

iHandy solves the problem of finding the right handymen for private people and support them by providing profiles, evaluations and a detailed working history including visuals of all hadnymen. Development has been made by a team of four Entrepreneurs, comprising a economic generalist, a programmer & designer and two Marketing & Sales Experts. The Team found together while competing against other Entrepreneurs on a trip trough Europe called StartupBus Challenge. The initial dream of helping families and individuals to find reliable and reviewable options for mending, remodeling and building their home brought the four founders of iHandy together. Especially the option of bringing customers together with professionals is something that drove the idea as the team expected to help individuals but professionals to find new clients.

The typical customer is expected between 25 and 36 year old, employed with or without a family yet. The customers are mainly in urban areas, with good purchasing power, searching for a service that is reviewed and objectively confirmed and reviewable. The features include a review system that provides reviews from your friends using services of a particular handyman as well as a history of a handymen reviews. Also different languages that will make the service more open to foreign handymen looking for opportunities, image galleries of before & after work pictures and a team-up-for-big-projects system. We find none of the existing services that could be considered similar to have all of those features.

The market potential for such an online service is very big. The market size is 562 bn euros. We believe the company is able to capture 0.1% of the industry at least, representing a 562 million market. Furthermore, there is an evident need for such a service in the Europe’s strong urban class. Possible challenges will represent a growing base of users and reviews. However, thanks to a business model that does not create any burden for users, it will draw visits of people looking to satisfy these needs.

Sincerley, your iHandy team


Telephone: +381 63 829 3106