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FIFA TMS partners with StartupBus Switzerland 2016


We’re very happy to announce that FIFA TMS (Transfer Matching Systems) is partnering with StartupBus Switzerland 2016 this year.

Here’s what FIFA TMS has to say about themselves:

FIFA TMS strives to be the “go-to” solution provider in the football transfer market. Based on our knowledge of transfers and technology, we are committed to developing high quality products and services designed to meet football stakeholder and customer needs.

We are privileged to have the opportunity to make a difference in football and are always looking for experienced and driven employees to join our team. To learn more about FIFA TMS, please visit

FIFA TMS builds cool products powering the global football scene such as International Transfer Matching System (ITMS), Domestic Transfer Matching System (DTMS), Global Player Exchange (GPX) and analytics through data & reports (D&R). You can follow them on Twitter at @FIFATMS.

StartupBus Switzerland 2016 is one of the buses participating in StartupBus Europe 2016, Europe’s most intensive bootcamp for entrepreneurs, software developers and designers. In 72 hours they’ll have to conceive, build and launch new startups while discovering Europe’s local tech ecosystem. Destination? Pirate Summit in Cologne, Europe’s craziest, invite-only startup conference.

Route of StartupBus Swiss 2016 (subject to change)

Want to join the ride from 2 to 7 September? Apply now at!

Swiss StartupBus partnering with the Swiss Startup Factory


Back in May 2016 when the Swiss StartupBus was born, we knew that there were great initiatives in Switzerland to support and accelerate startups but we had to find THE one. The one that matched with the mindset of StartupBus.

After we met their CEO Mike Baur we knew that Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) and StartupBus shared the same values. Swiss Start Up Factory is the only private Swiss incubator and is located in Zürich but aims to provide a great platform for the young and starting entrepreneurs all over Switzerland. SSUF is hence actively changing the existing Swiss startup landscape and we’re very proud of our partnership.

Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) logo

We are looking forward to a great partnership where our buspreneurs can look forward to profit from the massive network of experienced mentors and coaches of SSUF!

StartupBus Swiss is one of the buses competing in StartupBus Europe 2016. About 30 developers, designers and hustlers will work together to conceive, build and launch new startups in 72 hours.

All this while travelling to Pirate Summit, Europe’s craziest startup conference in Cologne (Germany). A mixture between Burning Man, SXSWi and that special German touch, Pirate Summit is an invite-only conference for 1000 investors and entrepreneurs. But before arrival at Pirate Summit, all buses will convene at the beautiful Corda INCubator in Hasselt (Belgium) for StartupBus Demo Day.

If you want to apply for the Swiss bus, then fill in this application form.