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StartupBus 2013 Promises More Excitement, Bigger Surprises


StartupBus is back for 2013 and bringing more excitement than ever to a highway (and computer screen) near you.  StartupBus brings six buses from the US and Mexico, fills them full of strangers tasked with designing, building, and launching a startup in three days – at 65 MPH en route to Austin, TX.  The “Hackers, Hipsters, and Hustlers” that fill the buses accomplish amazing and impossible things in time to pitch to a panel of tech experts and investors.
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Announcing StartupBus Americas 2013


StartupBus is coming back for another amazing event in March 2013!  

We are currently heads down planning the last details of this years event.  This year we are expanding upon the format and bringing on some premier sponsors that will help make the event better than ever.  

The competition
This year will have the America’s top entrepreneurial regions facing off against one another to find out which region is “the next Silicon Valley.”  Each region will be represented by their capital entrepreneurial city:

  •     West Coast represented by Silicon Valley!
  •     East Coast represented by New York City!
  •     South East represented by Tampa Bay!
  •     Midwest represented by Chicago!
  •     Mexico represented by Mexico City!

Each of these cities represents an amazing hot bed of tech talent, business, and innovation.  In StartupBus tradition, these cities will be facing off against one another to battle it out to determine which region will reign supreme!

Other cities can still join
If your city isn’t on the list, it doesn’t mean a bus can’t depart from there.  Please let us know on Twitter and we will take a look!

Next Steps
Register:  Connect your Facebook account to the to let us know you’re interested and get updates on the competition.

Get invited.  StartupBus is invitation only and prides itself on the tradition of only accepting the best.  After you have registered, and If you’ve got potential, one of the regions conductors might send you an invitation.  A better bet is to look on Twitter and Facebook for select people offering invitations and have them vouch for you by inviting you.

Apply. Once invited, will show you options on how to apply. Go ahead and be creative — we usually have several thousand apply each year, and this year we are expecting even more.  So ake yourself stand out!

Confirm your attendance. If accepted, congratulations!  Details about this step will be sent out to those accepted sometime in early February.