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Announcing StartupBus Europe 2013


6 Countries, 150 Buspreneurs, and our own stage at Pioneer’s Festival. StartupBus Europe will be bigger and better than ever and promises to be an incredible and unforgettable experience for everyone.

Departing on October 27th for a roadtrip of four days, buses from Paris, ¬†Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam & London will head to the Pioneer’s Festival in Vienna. As an event organized by the StartupBus community, a team of 30 volunteers in 10 European countries are working on creating a the most amazing StartupBus competition the continent has seen so far.

Applications open soon – be sure to register to our mailing list. Also, be sure to check out the reports of the buspreneurs Elise and Esther from the past busses.

We will keep you posted in the next weeks – lots of exciting news just wait to be announced!