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Why use HIVE?


Electronic collaboration products allow people to work together in effective ways when other means of communicating aren’t effective.

Email is simply a messaging tool, not a collaboration tool.

CC’ing every team member is impractical.

It’s a nightmare.

Trying to track who’s saying what?

Individual conversations are too easily lost and everyone ends up just getting confused.

Professionals send and receive over 300 business emails a week and spend an average of 2-hours a day reading and responding to them. Just as worrying is the number of documents we share using email – an average 15 a day. This makes it impossible for more than one person to make edits and it quickly becomes difficult to keep track of changes.


We have nothing against them. But sometimes there’s just no point, we know there is a faster more efficient way to getting things done. This is what makes us so passionate about HIVE.

We love simplicity. We are dedicated to making your interactions simple, secure and easy. That way things get done. We like it when things get done.

Do you know what makes us sad?

Data cruelty.

Your company data is often downloaded to unsecure storage services.


Because we believe there is no secure instant collaboration platform that actually helps professionals communicate and work more efficiently. HIVE wants to change that. We offer a secure platform for team members to easily communicate ideas and files with no risk using encrypted instant messaging and Huddle’s file sharing.

Sharing and peer recognition are the key to achieving goals when working together. Information silos such as email don’t show the human side of who you are working with, the main factor holding teams back.

Collaboration tools can help to reduce email volume by 30% and make it 33% faster for teams to draft documents. According to one study, 97% using of businesses using social software said they could service more clients, more efficiently.

Online collaboration tools will play an important role in 75% of businesses by 2013. As we are already accustomed to social networking with friends, family and (sometimes) customers, using social software to collaborate within organisations seems a logical progression.

StartupBus UK Day 1 Diary


After enjoying the four-star hospitality and catering at NH Harrington Hall for our kickoff event yesterday, StartupBus UK officially started at Google campus in London today. Another year, another journey! This year’s journey is fuelled by our generous sponsors Elance, NH Hoteles and School for Startups.

Matt of Entrepreneur First held the fist talk of the tour. He asked the simple question: What is the most common reason for startup failure? He provided a simple answer: They build stuff nobody wants. However, what’s really interesting is the answer to the question: ‘What is the most common reason for startup failure for founders who know that the most common reason for startup failure is building stuff that nobody wants?’. The answer is still: ‘Building stuff that nobody wants’.

2013-10-27 10.50.27 (smaller)

To stop that from happening in the StartupBus UK cohort, Matt gave an introduction to customer development and business model testing, teaching the tour participants how to reduce market risk by rapid testing of business ideas.

Armed with this new knowledge, the StartupBus participants pitched their own ideas (a whooping 24 of them) at Google Campus before boarding the bus. Teams emerged quickly. By the time we reached Dover most teams were already formed.

578380_686161844728953_2079006839_n (1)

The rough waters during the ferry crossing put a dent in many teams’ productivity. Luckily, France was more welcoming and soon the buspreneurs were on their way again.

We spent the evening at Antwerp where Cedric and IdeaLabs kindly hosted our first work session outside of the bus in their offices. Day one concluded after a short drive to NH Brussels for a relaxing 4-hour stay. The rooms are excellent! We wish we could stay longer for more than one reason…


Now the teams are formed, hacking, and hustling away with some teams already having gathered more than 100 facebook likes within hours. Great job everyone! Looking forward to seeing your projects gather even more momentum tomorrow!



We are HIVE

Hive is a secure communication tool for small teams in organizations. Users are able to send 256bit encrypted instant messages to one an other through ‘hives’/’combs’ located on their screen. They’re also able to share files securely by dragging and dropping onto their peers ‘combs’.
River Tamoor Baig – Biz
Vlad Vecili – Dev
Radu Popescu – Dev
Waleed Lakhani – Biz
Jeremy Chui –  Dev
Support Us
We’re very excited about StartupBusUK and look forward to meeting the other buses!!

StartupBus Europe – The Ducht bus presents their teams!


The Dutch bus has its kickoff yesterday at Rockstart in Amsterdam. The event was open to the public, so it was a good opportunity for us to connect with the wider Amsterdam startup eco-system. With our partners from AppHappening, Cronos, Rockstart and Github we used the day to get to know each other and listen to seminars about how to be better entrepreneurs and better use the products of our sponsors to build our startups. We even had workshops from very inspiring entrepreneurs Kees van Nunen and Nick Stevens!

The night was spend networking and getting a bit of sleep, and this morning we left Amsterdam after attaching our stickers to the side. Right after the bus got on the highway we started pitching our various business ideas and build our teams. As always it was a big chaos to build the teams. In the end 4 teams were formed before getting to Antwerp for a bit of stationary work, presentation of our ideas to the rest of the bus, and to hear a couple of talks from our partner THINK with People.

So, without further ado we are proud to introduce our 4 teams to the world:



There is a big information overload these days. And most of this information is delivered via text. With Flickr at first, and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter after that it got more visual. But that isn’t enough! Every message needs to be delivered visually. They want to present all the information in the world in a very visual way. Understandable and intuitive. They want to become the future google with only visualizations.


Startup Tycoon

A startup is for everyone different, but also for a lot of people scary to be a part of. StartupTycoon is going to build a game thats lets you experience the startup way. It will show how it is like to have a startup with includes all the aspect of the startup ecosystem. Founding, hiring, scaling, capital, exits, its all part of it. It’s a dream scenario for aspiring entrepreneurs. On a fun and informative way.

Out Of The Blue

Out of the Blue

Everybody is stressed these days. Something a depression is part of the process of becoming a better human being. Your process of recovery should be as comfortable as possible. Out of The Blue is helping with the recovery process for depressions and want to stimulate meaningful communication in the process. Bringing people back from falling in a black hole where they can’t get out of. Their main objective is improving and revolutionizing communication between therapist and patient. A communication tool for the depressed and almost depressed. They plan to work through a buddy system to have feedback and extra helping hand.



Unplanned is an app that algorithmically shows people the best things to do and see in a new city. By using checkins and ratings Unplanned shows whichever attraction is the best in each catagory, whether museum, park, bar or similar category.
Human curated.

We are at Startplatz at the moment waiting to crush the German teams in the StartupBus Europe Pitch Battle!

StartupBus France kick-off event


Around 7pm yesterday evening the French StartupBus held its kick-off event at the magnificent Hotel Lotti near the world famous Louvre museum in Paris. We talked about how StartupBus is not only about building a product and validating a business plan in three days but more so about getting out of your comfort zone. This was proven immediately after the introduction talk as the newest generation of buspreneurs had to present themselves to their colleagues using a microphone, which not everyone was used to.

Afterwards the buspreneurs went on a Tour de Paris with a party bus and drove around Paris while hopping off and on at hot spots like Place de la Concorde and Pont Neuf.

StartupBus France 2013 in front of the party bus

So you want to pitch your idea?


With the StartupBus Europe about to launch I bet all you buspreneurs are looking into refining your business pitch. The better your initial pitch off course the better a change you can actually can try to build the business around your idea in the road-trip which starts already this coming Sunday!

Most people write down what they think in their head would make all the different elements of this pitch, practice it a bit in front of the mirror, to their peers or maybe even just some random person walking by on the street. What is it though you need to say, what are the items to think about from your business which are important to your business? What problem are you trying to solve? How will you solve this? All very important questions which you need to take into account when pitching an idea.


To make sure you don’t forget anything the guys from Elevatr created this helpful app. The app will help you get your startup off the ground and start thinking from concept to an actually company. In 5 steps you will start thinking about your Business Plan, Customer Discovery, Product Development, Company Building and Company Growth. An ideal start to getting that preparation going on for our upcoming event.

What kind of tools do you think are helpful also. Tools which helped you out in the past, or maybe some friends? Be sure to leave them in the comments, this could become real handy in the next couple of days 😉

Simon Anquetil (CTO AppHappening) explains why he loves StartupBus so much



My journey with StartupBus began in 2010. I was sitting in a hotel room in Tampa, Florida the night before I left on a cruise with my then girlfriend, Caleigh. It had been a long time since I had taken a good holiday, so I was looking forward to the deserved break! While Caleigh was in the shower, I decided to go online and do some quick email followups. I knew I would be in serious trouble if I tried to do this during our holiday, so I thought it best to sneak in beforehand. While online, I also checked my Facebook. The top item in my newsfeed read something like this:

“So – apparently an idea that I had while drinking at the pub is being taken half seriously. Does anyone else think it’s a good idea to get a bus full of entrepreneurs to build businesses en route to SxSW from Silicon Valley”. This shout-out came from my old school friend, Elias Bizannes. I remember that moment, and I remember thinking that this could be something really great! I wrote to him, letting him know that I would be on holiday for a few days but that I would contact him on my return to Sydney.

First StartupBus sponsor

Within less than two weeks, my software development Company – eStrategy Group – had become the first sponsor of the first StartupBus. I was proud to see our name up in lights with Atlassian – who are an inspiration to all Australian companies, but particularly those of us from the tech world.

I needn’t fill you in on the rest of the details! Years have passed, and StartupBus is now a large and well-respected institution in the startup scene. And I am pleased to be involved again with my current startup, AppHappening, being platinum sponsor for the Netherlands bus.

AppHappening competition for a final seat in the bus!

To strengthen our commitment to ensuring that the Netherlands bus has the finest selection of entrepreneurs (or AppGeniuses as we like to call them over at AppHappening), we are giving the general public one more shot to win an elusive seat on the Netherlands bus. We are running a competition at to choose one more lucky person for the privilege of having an all-expenses paid trip. The opportunity to work with some of the best hackers, hustlers and creatives in the game on a “take-no-prisoners” 72hr journey where not only businesses will be built, but so will life-long connections and networks.

AppHappening Award and philosophy of an idea

Further, we will be awarding one lucky business with the AppHappening Award this year. This award includes a co-funding prize to be spent on developing your application on our unique platform AppHappening supports people who are great at their craft. And we are trying to build a community where anybody who has an idea for an app can find the support they need from the experts they need to have it built. We recognize above all that, while it’s great to have an idea, you also need the network and community to help make that idea a reality. So, for us, StartupBus was just another way of delivering our same business-as-usual model in a disruptive fashion. And we are looking forward to seeing the results.

So come on over to our website and have a read about how we are doing things a little differently. We want to be the one-stop-shop for people who have great ideas but need support to get them off the ground. And while you are there, please enter the competition so you can join us on the Netherlands bus of StartupBus Europe 2013.

NH Hoteles scholarship


Last preparations for our 2013 Europe journey are running. We are proud to have such an amazing pool of applicants who want to participate in this life changing event.

To make it even better, we are giving out free accommodation scholarships to a few of you thanks to our sponsor NH Hoteles.
The scholarships includes 4 nights á 25 Euros in a world-class hotel.

To get the scholarship, apply at and let us know, why we should pick you.

Why do you want to be on the StartupBus ?


As we are approaching the end of the recruitments for busses, I realize I have been asking this question probably 10 times a day : why do you want to be in the StartupBus ?

It reminded me the time I was an applicant too, last year for the 2012′ LeWeb Edition.

So I digged into my old files, and found my application letter. Feeling nostalgic, I decided I would share it with you 🙂


Have you ever noticed that the more you want something, the hardest it becomes to formulate? This works for a job application, a love letter, a startupbus application…

So I decided to write it down “freestyle”. no bullshit or premaid phrases, just me and my guts.

I assume this the best way for you to get who I am, and for me not to over think it, and get the job done 😉


1# Why am I applying ? 

When I first heard about Startup Bus in Europe a few weeks ago, I thought “Damn, this is so cool, I wish I could get in!”

So I went through the website and there, I realized this was an initiative from Elias Bizannes. Wait ??!! Is that the Australian guy that created the startup House in SF I settled in three months ago?

Just to make you understand… Sure I knew before that being around of a group of passionate people would be something “valuable”. But there I experienced it. And I realized how passionate I was about staying around other startupers. You know, those only people to whom you can tell about some of your crazy idea and actually start building them straight away: no “but”, no “that is impossible”, no fear… I loved sharing with people like me, and feel part of a family.

So I thought “oh, I really want to to get in the StartupBus!”

And then I met that passionate girl, Sandra, through a debate on a fb group a few weeks ago. She is Austrian, I am French, but still we decided we wanted to see our ideas come to life, and started working on it. She told me yesterday she experienced the bus, and that she had some invites she would be happy to share with me. Stars were aligning!

So now I think…, I HAVE to get in.


2# What can I add to a group? 

In a group, I am the one that comes up with lots of ideas. Some are great, other sucks… In both cases, what matters are the discussions and enthusiasm that gets then created among the team members. Resonate with others and setting up a common goal, that’s something I love, and I believe I am good at.

I also have pretty much experience on project management now, from my ‘past life’ and freelancing.

My boyfriend is jealous of Balsamiq my forever-beloved-prototyping software, I am comfy with Photoshop, I know how to prioritize tasks, how to define and adapt a short production planning, and more important of all how to make people in my team enjoy their work and have fun.


3# Who am I? 

Some people think I am a dreamer. I’d like to think that I am a positive person, open-minded and truly passionate about what I do. 

Some people think I am crazy. I’d like to think that I am driven and persistent.

For example, I could barely code a <br> tag a few months ago. Now I can confidently deal with front-end design (HTML5, CSS3, Jquery).


Hopefully I managed to get your attention (if not are you opened to any kind of food corruption? Because if you get me in, know that I will cook a cake for you… Who passes on that?)


Hope to talk on skype soon,



See you soon on the bus guys!