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Shot Division: The Vision


Shot Division aims to be the first international fashion brand manufacturing Socially Connected Clothing. For that, not only we’ll be focused on developing a great customer experience and also a beautiful t-shirt, but collaborating with other brands in merging user data and tracing user habits paths.




Hi there!

We’d like to present Shot Division, a lifestyle clothing brand, which produces trendy & streewear t-shirts provided with NFC technology, and also a mobile app. Having a Shot Division t-shirt implies you get a profile inside Shot Division community, and your profile is automatically filled due to Facebook connect: info, photo and interests like music, movies and tv-shows. When you wear your Shot Division t-shirt, by proximity with your mobile phone in your pocket, the app detect you’re wearing the Shot Division t-shirt, and now you’re active in the app. Now you can:

  • Receive notifications if some other Shot Division user, with common interests, is near you.
  • Receive notifications if some other Shot Division user is looking for a date or a funny night 😉

Do you want something more visual? Please check out our first promo video.

And what we get from our clients? Besides 40€ each t-shirt, a lot of information like:

  • We know when the client uses the t-shirt (weekends, in the morning, at night, etc)
  • How many times the user wore any of his Shot Division t-shirts
  • A lot of information more…

With more than 136 million people as potential target in Europe -because of the fashion- and the possibility of crossing user data with other brands data, Shot Division is our bet at the Startup Bus. We are sure that selling technology integrated in a exclusive line in clothing will help in breaking the early-adopters stage and work as a boost in terms getting know the product.

Check Shot Division out now on or join the conversation in Twitter or Facebook.

Here we are: Shot Division team


Shot Division is a line of clothing provided with NFC technology, for trendy & streewear fans who love being social, that, together with a mobile app, lets you connect with other people without pressing any button. Unlike other fashion brands, Shot Division is the only fashion brand that lets you WEAR THE INTENSITY. And how can we develop all of this? Thanks to our team:

  • Santiago Migueles (Revenues director): 31yo. Founder and revenues director at and sales director at Barceló Hotels and Resorts. In Shot Division is in charge of NFC technology use and applications, and sales channel.
  • Alberto González (CTO): 20yo. Technology developer and programmer. Crowdfunding company ‘Projeggt’ founder, where is also the CTO. He’s Crowdacy founder and CTO as well. In Shot Division, is in charge of web and app development, as well as NFC technology issues.
  • Ignacio Hojas (Marketing & communication): 19 yo. Matemathics & computer engineering student, and also Universidad de Madrid’s young entrepreneurs organization chairman. Collaborator in new technologies and startups at and also working at NighterApp. In Shot DIvision is responsible for online and offline communication, press, marketing and designing the mobile app.
  • Manuel Mas (e-commerce): 32yo. Computer engineer at Universidad de Alicante and Master en Engineering &Website Management at UNIR. E-commerce expert and online shop designer. Also entrepreneur, with his own project:, that is a carpets online shop. In Shot Division, is in charge of sales, and optimization and management of the online shop.
  • Aitor Contreras (CEO): 28yo, degree in Economics and MBA and currently in charge of Amnesia Ibiza online marketing, and also DJs like Cristian Varela, Marco Carola and many others. Is the promoter of Shot Division idea and is in charge of coordinating the team.

Don’t forget to check out our project at, and help us joining us on Twitter and Facebook.

Shot Division & Elance: the perfect partnership


We don’t know what’s going on in other buses, but in the spanish bus there are definitely lack of designers 🙁

But…there’s not problem here: Elance gave us away a very good amount of money (credits) to help us getting things done, and that’s what we have done. Now we have the app design, one of the most important things of our product, thanks to Elance.

And at the same time, we started thinking about a partnership for the inmediate future: thinking about all the companies that made possible the Startup Bus, we found that maybe our brand, Shot Division, could collaborate in the future with Elance. Why? Shot Division is a trendy & street wear company, and t-shirts are also provided with NFC technology. This feature makes easy to create street marketing campaigns, and we thought we could partner with Elance in doing all these campaings in all the different big cities around Europe. How could we do this partnership? Meanwhile Shot Division would spend resources in designing and developing the campaigns, Elance would create a contest inside its community to find the best marketers and designers, and winners will be hired by Shot Division to develop the campaign in his native city together with Shot Division.

Btw! Don’t forget to support us on, Facebook and Twitter.

wefab – Find Sponsors



wefab is now ready to meet with the world. It’s very important to hear from you, so we come soon to visit you.

We’re in the middle of the sponsorship ramp up, if you’re a company who owns a 3D printer, please do not hesitate to contact us in order to include you in our makers pool.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

wefab Team

wefab Team


Hello Team,

Here we are :

Thibaud Gangloff – Chief Executive Officer – Industrial expert & investor : ECE Engineering & ESSEC Business School background. 8 years of supply chain experience in different roles & companies. Ready to take up the StartUp Experience.

Hugo Sedouramane – Chief Marketing Officer – Former Tech Reporter & Public Relation Expert : Scientific popularization expert in disruptive innovation.

Lisa Durand – Chief Designer Officer – Design Expert & Hackathon Lover : 3 years in web agency & freelance.

Brendan Rius – Chief Technical Officer – Back end Expert & Start Up experience : 16 years old entrepreneur, experience in different development languages.

We’re all here to change the world !

wefab Team

wefab vision


Hello all,

Our mission is to connect small companies which need prototypes with larger companies which owns high valued 3D printers.

Make sure the chain is optimized by helping larger companies to amortize their printers & small companies to realize their projects.

Stay Tuned !

wefab Team

Official ToDONE press release


ToDONE is one of the most simple and yet creative ideas to come out of Startupbus UK 2013.

So why use the ToDONE app?

“ToDONE gets the things that I don’t want to do done for me, I don’t have to think about it, I don’t have to play with it, I don’t have to select who does it, I just get it done”

– David Duckworth, co-founder

The idea behind toDONE is in essence pretty simple, a user enters their to-do list into the ToDONE app, then decide if they want to do the task themselves, or have ToDONE to take care of it by adding a dollar sign and a price. If the user is unsure of the price a dollar sign can just be added and ToDONE will suggest a price. “It is really that simple” adds Jason Katzer.

What type of market will ToDONE target?

“At the beginning we will target young professionals that value their free time more than 30 dollars per hour and are willing to outsource all the time consuming errands that usually take up their limited free time”

– Franco Leoni, co-founder



The ToDONE app has been developed over the over the last couple of days, which only has been possible due to effectiveness of a team that wants to get things done.

Additionally the ToDONE team is the most diverse and international team on Startupbus 2013 Europe as it consists of seven people from seven different countries; USA, India, Brasil, Poland, Italy, UK and Denmark. Additionally there is an explosive mix of competence, this surely is a team that get things done!

Remember to check us out at:

On Facebook: and Twitter: @todoneapp

Don’t forget to leave a comment!

Meet the team behind go trip us


Curious, aren’t you? Well, well, well. It’s your lucky day then. Because here’s the team that’s about to remove all the friction between you and your friends when planning a trip together.

Say hello to:

Alex Probodziak
A Londoner who chose to condemn himself to three years of philosophy, politics and economics at the University of Oxford. In the midst of his plight, Alex is a department head at Oxford Entrepreneurs, was the president of the Oxford University Athletics Club, and co president of Oxford Roundtables. He toiled at a hedge fund in NYC for two months in 2013, and previously wrote ferocious macros for an oil trading company for three years. He speaks many languages.

Daniel Díaz
A general on the social media battlefield renown for his talent in strategic matters, Daniel has a relentless mind committed to voraciously innovating in the entertainment sector. Consumer brand research is the forte of this linguist trained in digital media and design to the level of a master.

Patrick Hue
Patrick is French. Oft consulted in matters of digital media, his love for the pixels inevitably elevated him to the position of the head of social media at a prestigious media agency – a throne to which he has been elevated for the past three years. A feared strategist and planner who provides consumer insights and analysis with devlish efficiency, Patrick provided his services to DDB.

Johanna Johansson
Originally from Finland, this weirdo of a Viking completed her MSc in Design & Digital Media at University of Edinburgh in 2011. Following her graduation, she jetted off to New York to join the insanity of the startup world. She’s a conceptual copywriter and a UX/UI oriented content strategist specialising in B2C.