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We are the social fashion story! We believe that people can sell their clothes by telling their story. We would like to become UK’s number one online selling platform for second hand fashion.

Visit us on


We would like to thank our great sponsors. Without them this trip would not have been possible. We thank NH hotels for providing us the sleep we needed. Great Hotel!

We also thank Elance for providing us the help we needed for doing our marketing campaign. Further we would like to thank the Pioneers Festival for providing us access to their festival.

To end we would like to thank everyone who made this StartupBus event possible!




UpStyle is the fashion revolution for you. Seamless, stylish and social. UpStyle is a one stop shop style platform – allowing you to buy, sell and socialise with unwanted quality clothes looking to be reloved by a new owner. Visit us on

Group travel made easy: Go Trip Us – Live from StartupBus


We’re developing a site that gives groups of friends the best way to organise a trip online live from StartupBus Europe, a 72-hour entrepreneurial road trip from London to Vienna!

We’ve created a video outlining our service and wanted to share it with you and your readers. Is this something you would be willing to post on your site or share on Twitter or Facebook, tagging our @GoTripUs pages? We would really appreciate the coverage and truly believe we are solving a problem for passionate travellers such as ourselves.

You can watch the video on and the direct YouTube link is here:

You can read more about Startup Bus Europe and check our progress on creating a business in 72 hrs here:

Ask For a Concert- Press Release in Spanish


La demanda es la clave para cualquier negocio. Por eso ASK FOR A CONCERT parte precisamente de ella para saber qué  artista será mejor recibido en qué lugar. ¿Cómo lo hace? A través de los perfiles en redes sociales, como Facebook, de los usuarios que se registren en la plataforma.

Se trata de una apuesta segura que pretende rentabilizar al máximo un sector como el musical, que ha sentido fuertemente el golpe de la crisis. Por eso, ASK FOR A CONCERT es una plataforma perfecta para poder conocer los gustos musicales de una determinada región y potenciar al máximo los eventos relacionados con ese estilo.

Además, cuenta con otro factor importante. La mayoría de proyectos son grandes ideas pero que después no cuentan con capacidad de implementación real. El problema: no hay necesidad de mercado para ella. Sin embargo, ASK FOR A CONCERT nace precisamente tras detectar esa necesidad en el sector de la música, que ha recortado en los últimos años de forma alarmante los eventos por el incremento de IVA cultural y la escasa afluencia de público, que no termina por rentabilizar la inversión de alquilar un local o estadio.


Asier Sarasua


Depart date


Company mission:

We are a company based in technology, seeking new ways of generating interesting conversations between people, business networking focused, that however will lead to solid personal relations

To achieve this purpose, we take advantage of the latest features that modern smartphones offer, in order to generate conversations between people.


Company vision:

We want to be a global communicative tool that people who are attending an event or are going to travel will use to prepare their networking with the people they are going to coexist with.

Greeings to our sponsors.

We ant to thank NH hotels’s sponsorship for providing us the housing in this thrilling learning adventure. Within its venues, we think we found a peaceful home that is allowing us to achieve the maximum grade of competitiveness.

We also want to thank Elance, who has provided us extra resources, very useful as a backup in certain stress situations that have allowed us to delegate tasks efficiently.

We also want to thank Pioneers Festival for giving us access to its exclusive platform with this very competitive charge. Such an opportunity


Why sponsors are key elements in that adventure !


Sponsors are the key element in a entrepreneur trip like ours. We need them do support our creation and fix the issue that we don’t have time to solve ; Elance & NH Hotels where great for solving those daily issues.

For those who don’t know it yet, Elance is a platform allowing supply and demand to meet. Through our trip, we used Elance services to find Freelancers to help us on design creation and video.
We where really astonished by how fast was the service response and how fast we found a Freelancer : we posted the offer at 11 PM, and the job was perfectly done at 10 AM by a freelancer based in Los Angeles.
We are really thankfull to Elance for that !

NH Hotels
After such a long ride through Europe and such long time working on our projects, we were very happy to have rooms booked in NH Hotels. The service provided was perfect, and the meeting rooms we used were really adapted to our needs.

Again, thanks a lot to Elance and NH Hotels !

Shakee – Meet the Team


The team met on StartupBus Europe 2013. After a crazy PartyBus between 20 BusPreneur in Paris to match our tastes and ambitions, the team quickly set up even before being sure on the idea.

Our first project finally moved to Shakee and all the time is very excited and ready to perform it.

With complementary profiles Alexis (20’ – CTO), Guillaume (31’ – CCO), Maxime (25’ – CEO), Olivier (29’ – CSO) and Yannick (33’ – COO) are now in Semi-Final against Germans in Munich for StartupBus Europe and Maxime is happy to present in a few minutes Shakee, a fun way to find place together.

Shakee Vision


A new revolution is coming !

Sure you have already experienced with your friends many argues to find the right spot to go…
Shake your SmartPhone with your friends and Shakee will find that place for you.

Fun and easy, Shakee will match each one’s tastes and get you to the right spot around you.
This idea emerged in the French StartupBus which is on its way to the Vienna Pioneers Festival, where Shakee hopes to represent the French delegation.

We really make instant group decision easy and meet everyone preferences.

Our tastes system is base on a strong and sophisticated algorithm. We are able to manage a lot of constraints quickly and response with pertinence to the customer demand.

You’ve dreamed it ? Shakee done it !


Mission, Vision of Ask For a Concert


Do you like music? Do you go to concerts? Of course, right? Unfortunately not everyone can watch their favourite artist at their cities and this is a huge problem in the market as artists just go to the biggest cities.  This is a huge opportunity because many artists are not able to track their demand and people want to see them. So we have created Ask For a Concert to avoid this problem. Our web will allow you to create petitions to bring your favourite artists to your cities. For that, we will learn your music tastes and suggest artists. This is going to be as simple as clicking on your artist, we will do the rest. With all this information we will help organizers to measure the potentiality of the artists in certain areas.


We want to provide users a platform that enables them to bring their artist to their cities. VISION

We will make artists come to your city on demand.

Ask For a Concert “Your artist, your city.”

Asier Sarasua

Ask For a Concert


This is our welcoming to the world as Ask For a Concert,


Our team is formed by five diverse people. Our ages are so roomy; the difference between the oldest and the youngest members is 12 years. Our skills are also very different. These diversities are an important factor essential to make succeed innovative projects. We have decided to come together because we have very different skills and we can complement each other so well. Since the first time we start negotiating, we realised that all of us were so motivated and ready to work hard. We also saw that we had similar achievements.

Daniel Villalobos: a 31 years old software architect and developer. He has worked for the multinational Softtek. He has got a long background in IT sector.

José Manuel Rodrigo: a 28 years old management consultant. He has recently launched his first start-up, a platform that provides offers filtered by your tastes.

Asier Sarasua: a 20 year old BBA student at Instituto de Empresa (IE), founder of IE Greenway Society, an association that wishes to make people more aware of environmental issues. He is also the founder of Kibber, which as the aim to help to develop personal skills and get your personal achievements. Currently working at a startup called EmoticOwn to create a revolution in the emoticon market.

Carlos de Ory: a 24 years old business man. He is manager director in The Vip Team, related with the nightlife, where he has got lots of contacts and experience. He is community Manager in The Knights of London, an innovative nightlife agency.

Adrià Villarroya: a 19 years old Management student. He volunteers in Erasmus Student Network at Pompeu Fabra University, at the Sponsors and social Erasmus department. He has been selected to be formed in the Akademia project (a course to give a high level of knowledge in innovation to the potential leaders of the future), developed by Bankinter’s foundation.

Follow us.

Thank you for your support guys,

Asier Sarasua