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Two months in, how is our winner Aiden doing?


Almost two months ago we set our little adventure in Europe. For the first time we had the amazing number of 6 buses driving, lots and lots of teams on board all buses and all filled with amazing people. But at the end of our journey, there could off course be only one winner. Just before Christmas I decided to have a meetup with the team that one and see how they are doing right now.

Visiting Team Aiden in their weekend office in Belgium

Visiting Team Aiden in their weekend office in Belgium

What I immediately noticed that the team got expanded and they got one extra hand on board in the form of another Dutch buspreneur, Menno. Menno is an amazing mobile application developer and since Aiden is off course mainly a mobile app I could see the fit straight away. Apparently the match was almost already made straight after the bus so talking about efficiency 🙂

This actually was the second time the entire team came together after the bus, being the first time only two weeks after the event. Since they all live in different countries communication is key so everyday from 19.00 till 20.00 they have a sort of open Skype call. Everybody who can join of the team is joining and this way they are still able to see each other everyday.
When asking about the biggest issue they encountered after the bus, it seems the exact seem feeling which I had last year as a buspreneur: Keeping the momentum. “When you are on the bus and or maybe just finished one StartupBus ride, you are in such a rush” is Bram telling to me. “After you all depart to your hometown and you look back on what you just did, you get amazed that you as an individual can achieve so much in so little time. I will take this with me for the rest of my life” adds Kristina to the conversation we are having. But when you get back home the best thing to do is let it go for a short time, take a step back and than decide what you will be going to do with the idea which got into shape on the bus.

They showed me a complete working native app on IOS. They told me they completely rebuilt and focused on other questions within the app based on early talks to different psychiatrist but they where still a bit struggling getting the everything scientifically correct. The charts which are normally used are protected by patents so that was not really an option if you are working on a shoestring budget. Also the business model was not quite clear yet so time for a speed course on customer development! I hope they learned a lot from wrapping up some basics of customer development in only an hour and continue on a path to success.

Aiden Screen

So good to see the entire team still being together and each focusing on a different aspect of what is needed to get the entire application of the ground. Current focus will be mainly doing more customer development and getting to define their business model. It will be a challenging experience for them after the rush in the bus, but I’m convinced they have the correct motivation and team on board to turn this into a success. We will sure be following them around on their way to their first release and wishing them all the wisdom and best in this new year!

Shot Division: press release


Shot Division is out now, offering an exclusive fashion brand: t-shirts with shocking designs and also Socially Connected, since they are provided with NFC technology and based in a Shot Division mobile app.

Once you put on the t-shirt, the app is activated by promixity between the mobile in your pocket and the Shot Division t-shirt. Now you are on the air, so you can get notifications every time that some other user with common interests –or also looking for a match- is near you.

Shot Division t-shirts are not available for pre-orders now on


Web link:

Facebook page: “”hotDivision

Twitter: @ShotDivision

Promotional video:

iHandy Press Release


Press Release


50% of all private customers in Germany are finding their handyman online.

With iHandy this ratio should be increased by serving a new user experience and functionalities to the user


28. October 2013. StartupBus Germany

iHandy solves the problem of finding the right handymen for private people and support them by providing profiles, evaluations and a detailed working history including visuals of all hadnymen. Development has been made by a team of four Entrepreneurs, comprising a economic generalist, a programmer & designer and two Marketing & Sales Experts. The Team found together while competing against other Entrepreneurs on a trip trough Europe called StartupBus Challenge. The initial dream of helping families and individuals to find reliable and reviewable options for mending, remodeling and building their home brought the four founders of iHandy together. Especially the option of bringing customers together with professionals is something that drove the idea as the team expected to help individuals but professionals to find new clients.

The typical customer is expected between 25 and 36 year old, employed with or without a family yet. The customers are mainly in urban areas, with good purchasing power, searching for a service that is reviewed and objectively confirmed and reviewable. The features include a review system that provides reviews from your friends using services of a particular handyman as well as a history of a handymen reviews. Also different languages that will make the service more open to foreign handymen looking for opportunities, image galleries of before & after work pictures and a team-up-for-big-projects system. We find none of the existing services that could be considered similar to have all of those features.

The market potential for such an online service is very big. The market size is 562 bn euros. We believe the company is able to capture 0.1% of the industry at least, representing a 562 million market. Furthermore, there is an evident need for such a service in the Europe’s strong urban class. Possible challenges will represent a growing base of users and reviews. However, thanks to a business model that does not create any burden for users, it will draw visits of people looking to satisfy these needs.

Sincerley, your iHandy team


Telephone: +381 63 829 3106


Welcoming iHandy to the World


Hi everybody! Here you can find out about our highly international and diversely skilled team!

Miacek Piernikowski

Data driven and business oriented Designer, User Experience Architect and DevOp, passionate about entrepreneurship and global venture development. Specialities: Beautiful User Journey filled with Conversion rate-optimised design. He really likes to look into funnels too.

Luka Prelevic_Biography

To start immediately with something I like, I will pitch about myself! I have went around the world in quest for education. After finishing high school in USA and competing in two A teams in soccer and swimming, I chose to come to Serbia and study law. Having successfully finished law with the highest GPA in generation, finishing the studies in the shortest period in the history of the university, I chose to go abroad again! I am now a student of double degree master of science in international management at Bocconi University, Milano, and CEMS MIM program at University of Cologne. Furthermore, I have founded a software outsourcing company with a partner in Serbia which is currently receiving its first contracts after only a couple of months! Also, I work as a project manager in LEX-League of Experts, Serbia where I help foreign companies enter the Serbian market and manage various projects. I am most passionate about entrepreneurship, skiing and adventures of all kinds!

Max Kleinedler

Max is studying Business Informatics (Master) at the University of Mannheim with a focus on Enterprise Applications. Beforehand he studied at the University of cooperative eduction in Lörrach in cooperation with Accenture in Switzerland.

As a first step into the Entrepreneurial World, Max initiated a students project for developing a facebook application in cooperation with the Chair of SME’s and Entrepreneurship in Mannheim.

Ruben Evens

Driven sales and marketing manager.
Freelance event coordinator on a higher level. Used to work with 100000+ people events (references Sensation, Tomorrowland, The Qontinent, Qlimax).
Marketing skilled by Red Bull marketing management. Very creative and responsible for launching small marketing campaigns for students in Belgium. Experience in developing marketing strategies.
Sales skilled by ABT ATLAS, Grow how. Private course on sales and traininigs and techniques. Private course on different types of communication. Experience in developing sales strategies.
Improves the bottlenecks in start-ups, connecting the right people with each other. Very fast learner and quickly adapts to difficult situations.

About our sponsors

Please meet the wonderful sponsors who made everything possible for us, followed by suggestions how they could help you and how they can help our iHandy business!

European partner: nh Hotels. Platinum partners: Elance, Accenture Germany, apphappening, Lottomatica. Golden partners: Cronos, Officina del Gusto, KPMG. Silver Partner: SchootForStartups. Product parteners: Smood,, bunkr, flyit. Friends: Rockstart, GitHub, eFrei entrepreneurs, Seednetworking, Sony. Location partner: rockstart, node5, Pioneers Festival, SoundCloud, StartupCamp. Communication partner: Ideacamp, Moonbar,, Addyness,

We value our sponsors very much for all that has been given to us. All the way from the first nights at nh Hotels, and breakfast at KPMG, and to later visits to many accelerators, incubators and business advisors!

We believe, once our product iHandy gains a lot of popularity among users due to the features it offers, we can use services of all of our sponsors. nh Hotels will definitely continue to be our partner on business trips. KPMG, Accenture and other consultancy and advisory companies will certainly be contacted for their services on how to introduce even more innovative technologies, increase revenues, figure out new business and sales models and spread across Europe. Furthermore, the valuable contacts we gained, and are still expecting to gain, from accelerators, young business advisers and incubators such as Project A, ShootForStartups, Seednetworking, eFrei and others, will always be very useful. These companies will be our candidates for partners and working areas. Also, for PR services we will have no other consideration but which has done an amazing job with StartupBus. Among our sponsors, companies such as, would come as a perfect partner for marketing tools. For communication and customer acquisition, we will of course value the proven services of our beloved communication partners such as Ideacamp, Moonbar,, Addyness.

Once again, I would want to thank all the sponsors and partners for making this amazing thing happen. They have created not just an amazing experience but also a lasting emotion.

Who Wants Our Product?
What is our market?

We operate in the handyman market where we serve as a platform for the meeting of demand and supply.

The demand we satisfy is the one for secure and reliable service by handyman in diverse geographical markets in Europe.

Market segmentation

By demography> our market is segmented in 0-16; 17-24; 25-35; 35-59; 60-110 year old categories. We satisfy the 25-35 segment.

By geography> We concentrate mainly on the German and Polish market. However our service will be available in Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Italian and Dutch.

By customers> we observe our market as segmented between the working families, working individuals, students, pensioners. We are targeting the working families and individuals that look for reliable, fast and quality service.

Youtube video

Go Trip Us – The vision


Go Trip Us wants to create a marketplace catered to the traveller, not its service providers.

Vision: Create a place where individuals can plan and book the perfect trip with their friends in a collaborative and flexible fashion.

Go Trip Us – Market size and target audience


The highly competitive travel industry is noisy, cluttered and polluted with complicated search algorithms, poor UX/UI, and content that lacks focus.

The group travel market in its entirety is approximately worth $200 billion (PhoCus Wright). We estimate Go Trip Us’ market size to add up to about $50 billion, comprising of a target market of keen travellers with big social circles aged 18-32.

This market is particularly driven by effective search, clean UX/UI and targeted content – giving Go Trip Us a unique opportunity to create a collaborative and flexible experience when planning and booking a group trip.