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People of the Sun


We are “People of the Sun”, a solar startup founded by Allen Haroutonian, Jamie Madden and Simeon King. We have developed a whole new asset class powered by the sun & supported by technological advances that will deliver top tier returns to our investors…. the people.

Putting solar on your own roof doesn’t make sense for everyone, renters, people who live in apartments or homes not positioned for solar on their own roof, renting businesses or business without rooftops.

We have created an opportunity for anyone to invest in solar and help facilitate the mass rollout of renewables in Australia.

You might be asking why invest in solar, in a market where everything is going the other way. We have developed a method of harnessing the apathy, uncertainty, dodgy legislation and price fixing to make money for people who “Believe in the Australian sun”.

Our model works independently of government legislation on the Renewable Energy Target and is able to avert the influence falling feedback rates. And It’s is accessible to a wide rage of investors both locally and overseas.

Why? because we believe in the Australian sun too!

People of the Sun Launching @SydStart 2nd Sep 2014 – StartupBus Pacific


Diner Companion changes your travel experience and provides an easy, convenient way for you to meet with other solo travellers.

Our vision is to eradicate loneliness from the world.

The Diner Companion app is an ‘Ice Breaker’ to connect you with Diner Companions matched to you via your location and user profile. Diner Companion creates and enables a social dining experience.

Once you have found a Diner Companion the app recommends venues for you to meet, connect, and unwind.

Diner Companion launches next week at SydStart. Get ready to download the app, connect and dine.

The Diner Companion founder team on the StartupBus are: Ken Taylor, Adam Whitehand, Karl Nelson and David Cristofaro.


FailPage – StartupBus Pacific


Our visionfailpage-square - copie

Error pages suck, and no one cares. We’re here to change that. FailPages is turning the boring ERROR 404 into the highest converting page of your website.

Our Mission

Failpage turns error pages into meaningful customer experiences. It allows businesses to  analyse metrics in order to improve conversion rates and customize error pages in order to increase brand awareness.

Our Team

Thomas is the David Livingstone of the 21st century. Originally a full stack developer from Melbourne, he’s spent the last 4 years building and managing large trafficed websites across Africa Steph is a funky Parisian on exchange in Melbourne. When she’s not creating start-ups on a bus, she rambles down the streets taking pictures of quirky strangers for her photoblog “Gueules de Parisiens” (Parisian Faces). Dean is Digital marketing guru and always puts the team first. If he is not thinking of the next great marketing campaign you will probably find him surfing or out riding his bike. – Startup Bus Pacific


Looking good without the hassle of shopping

Boys, is your favourite work shirt looking a bit threadbare?

Do you have a morbid fear of wearing the wrong tie?

How do you know that the mix and match collection of shirts and accessories actually makes you look professional and sleek? allows you to enjoy the benefits of having your partner (or more fashionable friend) help you choose what suits you, without the agonising mall experience of bringing them along.

Keeping up with style can be tough, but offers a simple fashion subscription which allows your loved ones to help you look your best. will ship a collection of clothes, curated by you and the people you trust, to your door just in time for that next important meeting.

Frank has this problem all the time. He has spent 7 years in a high powered corporate job and knows how important it is to look sharp. Jade has worked in many corporate environments surrounded by both poorly and well-dressed men, and would love to offer her fashion expertise. allows Jade to help Frank out without following him to the store.

Le Spex – StartupBus Pacific


Introducing Team Le Spex

Le Spex came about when team member Imteaz was looking for a pair of glasses for himself. Having a slightly wide face, he realised that he had a very limited choice when it came to choosing glasses at the optometrist. He also has a fun, cool and quirky sense of fashion and style which makes him a bit picky when purchasing glasses.  So where could Imteaz design, virtually try on and print glasses with his oddly shaped face and particular style?

Le Spex is an online service where consumers can customise their own glasses, try it on using augmented reality and order printed 3D glasses in a fast and efficient way.

The team formed on Day One of the first Pacific start-up bus after Imteaz pitched his idea about customisable 3D glasses to the bus. The international team consists of project manager, Imteaz (Australian from Bangladesh); designer, Pierre (French); marketer, Angela (Australian born Chinese); and programmers, Franck (French), Ricardo (Australian from Brazil) and Isabelle (Australian with Filipino/Belgian background).

Imteaz has been working at Reckitt Benckiser for 6 years and currently starting up the e-commerce channel for the company. He has been thinking of having his own start up and saw that the StartUp Bus was a great opportunity to start and personally grow.

Pierre is an exchange student from France, studying masters of management business development, and is working on launching two businesses at the moment. He is on the bus because he wants to experience the process of launching a business and build his confidence.

Angela works at Spectrum Communications, a PR agency that specialises in tech clients such as ASUS and Intel. She loves being creative and is a curious cat when it comes to knowing where technology is heading in the future.

Franck is another French exchange student studying masters of engingeering and project management. He loves to travel and is here because he’s ready for an adventures, to change people’s lives and be part of a startup.

Ricardo is an entrepreneur and is currently building his own startup,, which is a mobile app for delivery drivers. His goal for the weekend is to meet like-minded people, learn new tricks and to have fun!

Isabelle is a computer science student from UNSW who’s also working as a software developer at Atlassian. She’s on the bus to explore the exciting world of startups and to hopefully launch a product that will make a real difference!

Our vision is to create a completely consumer customised 3D printed personal glasses.

We’re all excited to be pitching at SydStart so see you there!


Prototype of where we are up to with augmented reality software with our model Ricardo:


StartupBus Pacific Is About To Depart – Get On Now!


Applications are open for the few remaining spots on the inaugural StartupBus Pacific happening in Australia.  After 5 years in other parts of the world, StartupBus is excited to come to Australia, which is a sort of homecoming for StartupBus’ Australian founder, Elias. We are also thrilled to announce that our ride for this competition will be this land yacht below – built for the Rolling Stones upcoming tour!

StartupBus Australia

If you haven’t heard of StartupBus yet, the concept is simple – 25 developers, designers, and biz dev/marketing people (what we call hackers, hipsters, and hustlers) get on a bus as strangers – you have 3 days to break into teams and design, build, and launch a product – On a bus – At 110 km/h – To be pitched and judged on stage at SydStart Main Day 2014.  The road is rough and the internet is spotty – and there will be a several other curveballs thrown at you as well.

We depart Sydney Friday August 29, return Sunday August 31 stopping to spend the night and have events in Melbourne and Canberra.  There will be a full day to wrap up work and polish pitches September 1 before presenting at SydStart on Tuesday, September 2.  Of course – there is plenty more to it than that, but we can’t ruin all the surprises just yet…

StartupBus has been described alternately as a life-changing experience and “special forces boot camp for entrepreneurs”. It is definitely an experience to you will never forget. If you are the type of person who craves a challenge and wants to get outside your normal comfort zone, now is your chance  to make that happen – and join a family of over 1,000 global StartupBus alumni that represent some of the top tech talent in the world. If you are still reading and this all sounds exciting, you should just go ahead and apply – you might be one of us, after all!

Apply here to be considered for the remaining seats.

Email us with your questions as well –