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Announcing StartupBus North America 2015


2015 is an important year for us – not just because it’s a milestone: it’s been five years on the dot since we announced ourselves to the world. Since then, we’ve added ~1200 people our community across four continents in StartupBus competitions.  It’s been a long, strange trip – and we’re ready to go bigger than we have before in the year ahead.  There will be several major announcements made in 2015 to mark this coming of age that started with the announcement of the community councils.  Today, we’re making a key announcement that shapes the rest of the year:

StartupBus North America 2015

StartupBus NashvilleAfter considering many locations, we discovered an opportunity in Music City USA. We’re excited to head to Nashville, TN June 4-8 for the 36/86 Conference in conjunction with LaunchTN.

Elias, myself and the North American Directors recommended to the North America community council that it was time to move the North American competition away from Austin and the SxSW conference – for many of reasons – chief among them was the timing and the disconnect between the value and the cost for everyone involved.

After considering many locations, we discovered an opportunity in Music City USA.  We’re excited to head to Nashville, TN June 4-8 for the 36/86 Conference in conjunction with LaunchTN. Nashville has welcomed StartupBus with open arms and cultivated a strong alumni network over the years. With recent news like Google Fiber coming to Nashville, you know there’s something brewing there. Nashville will play host in 2015 with the Grand Finals as part of the opening event of 36/86 – as well as new activities to be announced soon…

The most meaningful relationships that come out of StartupBus form by sharing a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the crazy people who are part of this truly unique community. This year in Nashville, we look forward to  providing a new way for the alumni community and the general public to meet the newest members and be part of the activities that facilitate those relationships.

Applications will be opening soon – if you are not alumni, we don’t make it easy to get an invite – not impossible, just not easy.  The easiest way to get considered is to pre-apply now.  Once applications open, this option will be gone…  We will be announcing the opening of applications shortly as well.

2015 is going to be an incredible year – are you ready?

And now without further ado, the new European directors 2014!


We are excited to announce the European directors for the next year. Whilst the discussions are ongoing for other community leaders (expect more news!), the following three amazing people will lead our entire operation in Europe with the focus being our annual competition in late 2014. They have proved themselves in our organisation for the last couple of years and we can talk on for hours about them but maybe best to just do a show and tell..

Hans van Gent Hans van Gent Hans was a Viking Buspreneur in 2012, a conductor of the Benelux bus in 2013 (delivering the number one and two in last years Europe competition), and is now going to be one of our directors for Europe. With a focus on “experience” — he is to ensure ‘customer happiness’  to the buspreneurs participating and sponsors who subsidise the experience.

When not creating the best experience ever for everybody involved, he works in (digital) advertising as a Senior Account for DigitasLBi. If that isn’t enough he helps form founders and ideas into problem solvers and pain killers at Evolv Weekend throughout Europe.

Hans van Gent on LinkedIn – Hans van Gent on Twitter

Rose Jeantet

Rose JeantetRose was a buspreneur in the German bus in 2012, then became conductor for The French bus in 2013, and co-hosted StartupBusTV for North America 2014. She is now our first female director of Europe, and second ever.

With a focus on “people”, Rose will oversee the entire recruitment process and ensuring only the very best European hustlers, hackers and hipsters get on board.

When not casting talent around Europe, Rose dedicates her time for the sister company of StartupBus, “StartupHouse” which is an incubator in San Francisco and travels between the US and Europe.

Rose Jeantet on LinkedIn – Rose Jeantet on Twitter

Marko Müller

Marko Müller Marko was a conductor of the German bus in 2012 due to his previous experience on a related event and a European director in 2013 running European operations, with in 2014 having a focus on “revenue” — he will drive our fundraising and cash management; moreover, he’ll concentrate on long-term customer relations.

When not raising and counting money, Marko – a Design Thinking enthusiast – currently works as consultant (still at Accenture) and will move forward as Business Inspirator.

Marko Müller on LinkedIn – Marko Müller on Twitter

So that’s them, give them a warm welcome whenever you see them around and if you are interested to help them out with the competition of 2014 by wanting to organise a bus be sure to contact them!