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StartupBus NA Summer 2017


It’s that time of year again; summer sun, outdoor concerts, boating, bonfires and vaycay. It’s the time of year when ya’ll should escape the monotony of the day-to-day and set out on a new adventure.

Well brace yourselves, because this year we have the answer for you! StartupBus is an entrepreneur-accelerator on wheels in which entrepreneurs from regions across the globe come together to develop new skillsets and join an amazing network of like-minded individuals. It’s a great opportunity to find some stimulation that could generate new ideas for you or your company! Not to mention you get to road trip across the country This year, there are seven buses from across North America are traveling for three days to the pitch competition in New Orleans! Beautiful scenery, awesome startup ecosystem, and a whole lot of Shrimp Gumbo.

You should know that StartupBus isn’t for the faint of heart. Yes it’s fun, exciting, wild and totally different than anything you’ve ever done before; it is a lot of work. I mean you didn’t get to be the entrepreneur you are now by sitting around; same concept goes for the Bus! Those who put in the sweat equity will get out the most from the experience.

Riding the bus is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to become part of a lasting international network. Members of the community are elite entrepreneurs represented in each of the biggest tech ecosystems across the world. So come aboard, represent your city, and be a part of the action.

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