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Half a year ago: StartupBus Germany 2015 started in Munich


About half a year ago the StartupBus Germany started their ride at the MakerSpace near Munich. After getting an inspirational talk from one of the startups that was part of the TechFounders accelerator, the teams began with the team formation process. Another highlight of the day was the short tour through the MakerSpace with the general manager Phill Handy.

StartupBus Germany 2015 at MakerSpace Munich

The MakerSpace is a high tech workshop near Munich with a lot of prototyping tools like 3D printers, laser cutters or even a waterjet cutter.

StartupBus Germany 2015 at MakerSpace Munich

Wanna ride the next StartupBus? StartupBus North America 2016 will be riding 15-20 May 2016 to Boulder Startup Week, StartupBus Europe 2016 will be rolling from 2-7 September 2016 to Corda INCubator for the semi finalsĀ and to Pirate Summit for the finals.

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