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StartupBus EU 2015 Round Up


Congrats to winners: Warm Hands (Germany –, @warmhandsorg) who won the 2015 StartupBus Europe competition. Runner-ups are Power Couple (UK –, @PowerCoupleApp) and BetOn (Estonia –

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Blog Posts:

StartupBus, the award goes to Ford Italy Lookly (Italian)

During the trip the buspreneurs have had the opportunity to visit the Ford European Research Centre in Aachen , Germany, where the Blue Oval plans and develops the future of its products and its market supply.

Looking back on my experience StartupBus Europe 2015 (Flemish)

The days and nights were after a succession of achieving milestones (such as formatting a TAM = Total Addressable Market Forecast), finding a stable wifi connection, mini visits to Amsterdam, Hamburg, Brussels and Hasselt. And especially… pitching. Thanks to Steven Beeckman and Hans van Gent were there every 2h pitch battles on the Belgian bus with rounds of questions and feedback rounds.

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