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StartupBus armada sets sail for Pirate Summit in Europe



We’re very happy to announce the StartupBus Europe 2016 competition!  Our buses will depart on Friday the 2nd of  September and arrive right on time for the Pirate Summit which happens on the 6th and 7th of September in Cologne (Germany).

However, it’s not our first rodeo.  We also went to Pirate Summit last year and we absolutely loved it! The atmosphere is similar to SXSW’s in Austin though it’s smaller and with a German twist. Last year Pirate Summit hosted 1,000 carefully selected individuals, 200 of those being investors. The talks were refreshing and inspiring, the food and beer delicious, and what happened at the party – well – stays at the party. Oh, and Till and Claudia are just amazing to work with. Do we need to say more?


The 10 best startups that come out of the semi-finals this year will have the opportunity to once again pitch on Pirate Summit’s stage. And while we are talking about semi-finals, that happens Monday the 5th of September in a tiny (but charming) Belgian city called Hasselt. We’ll be hosted at the beautiful Corda Campus by the kind folks of the Corda INCubator.

We often get asked why we organise StartupBus. The answer is simple: we firmly believe that entrepreneurship cannot be taught but it can be learned. The best way to learn? By doing of course! That’s why we want you to pack the experience of the first year of a startup into a mere 72 hours: conceive, build and launch your own startup. From a simple idea to the first sale – it’s hard, but we know it’s possible. Every so often we also see a unicorn: in the 2015 edition, one of the teams on the NYC bus raised its first seed capital and had to go into stealth mode!

Want to ride with us on this crazy life-changing road trip? Find out which buses are running at and apply! Don’t have an invite code? Tweet to @TheStartupBus and pitch why we should take you on board in order to receive one!

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