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StartupBus Americas 2015 Blog Post Round up


NO RULES: A StartupBus Journey

by Jenn Spriggs

I’m a designer. I eat sleep and breathe building visual systems, whether that be a logo, a print, or a website. It’s something I love. When Jenn Shaw, one of this years conductor, called me up to interview me about a spot on the bus, she asked me the question and I immediately said, “Designer”. 

Well, I really said “Hipster,” but that feels really weird to actually say out loud. And there’s an unspoken rule in the hip community that you’re not really allowed to self-identify or you’re automatically a poser. 

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StartupBus – A Memoir

by Mika Ichiki-Welches

Although some of the “buspreneurs” were specialists in their fields, and thus explicitly “hackers” (programmers), “hustlers” (business and marketing people), or “hipsters” (designers), some of us jumped into the experience because it was unlike anything we had ever done before. And we were all determined to make the maker world proud with the first ever hardware-centered bus – the Makerbus.

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Thoughts from a StartupBus 2015 judge

By Eme Morato

As a witness inside of the Mexican bus, I’ve observed how something changes and shifts 180 degrees inside of the heads of the participants coming from the south of the border when they go through the experience of StartupBus. Something in their minds is irreversibly transformed and they start to believe that certain things they deemed impossible, aren’t really so.

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Start Up From The Bottom (Now We’re Here) #Hustlers

By Sydney Campos

I can’t describe what just happened. I got on a bus with 30 strangers, we each pitched ideas for start up companies and somehow, less than a week later, we are like a big family bonded by our common survival (and voluntary commitment) of an intense, and at times traumatic, experience. I’ve never pushed myself to such extreme limits, and over multiple days, ever before in my entire life. I guess it was life-changing to see what I’m truly capable of when I’m focused on the end goal.

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There and Back Again: My Shar.Ed StartupBus Story

By Kathy Liu

Alums looked at us with excited and proud eyes. I didn’t know what specific stories they had, but the alums looked so happy I knew at that moment that I had joined something really good. It was going to be arduous and back-breaking, but if I gave it my all it was going to be amazing and I was going to have the time of my life.

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By Greg Baugues

They weren’t sure the Maker Bus was going to work. I mean, you can imagine banging away on a laptop in the back of a bus for three days, but what are you going to do, bring a 3D printer on the bus?

Our riders brought boxes full of wires and buttons and tools. Sponsors donated Arduinos and Sparks and Raspberry Pis. We made overnight stops in TechShops in Detroit and Pittsburgh giving us access to every manner of fabrication tools available.

And it worked.

For the first time in StartupBus history, every single team from a bus — the Maker Bus — proceeded to the semi-finals. And the Chicago bus was the only bus to send two teams the finals this year.

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A StartupBus 2015 Experience

By O. Liam Wright

I actually found the StartupBus environment easy – it was returning home that was hard, perhaps because I became semi-institutionalized to the high concentration of talent and demands. As an entrepreneur who focuses on product architecture and business operations for Fortune 500 Clients and Startups with my company True Interaction, I found myself boiling down all actions into micro-functions,in order to control return-on-investment, and to cover high-value terrain in the shortest, most effective way possible.

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StartupBus Culture and What You Can Learn From It

By Taylor Wallace

When I told people this year that I’d just completed my third ride on the StartupBus from Tampa, Florida to Nashville, Tennessee, most looked at me like I had five heads. They’d all just completed their first journey and were exhausted after careening across the country.

Are you just a bus junkie? many asked.

No, I’m addicted to being surrounded by inspired people who seek to push themselves beyond any reasonable expectation to get shit done.

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  1. Hey Nate, Mike Caprio suggested I shoot over a blog post for documentation here:

    By O. Liam Wright

    To me, StartupBus 2015 touted as “The Most Intense Startup Competition In The World” resembled one-part distillation engine, one-part prison yard, all in a hyper-compressed dynamic event environment. Standard sleep cycles were soon replaced by an undulating stream of consciousness, where daily trivialities and second-guessing became supplanted by a singleminded, all-encompassing focus to continue, pursue, and overcome.

    And Here is One from Jen Lew…

    By Jen Lew

    Everything that happens on StartupBus needs to remain in the present. From learning to work without power and Wi-Fi to functioning with complete strangers who are a perpetual inch away from you, along with every nuance, challenge, catastrophe, melt down and good time in between. They are all equally memorable and hopefully never forgotten.

    Was unsure how to post it over to you…

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