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StartupBus Alumnus’ Instacart Raises $44M


According to Forbes:

Instacart, the San Francisco startup that uses a distributed network of smartphone-equipped shoppers to provide home delivery from supermarkets in as little as an hour, has raised $44 million in new funding, bringing the total amount of capital it’s raised to $55 million.


Back in March we caught up with Brandon Leonardo, who cofounded Instacart with Max Mullen after meeting on the Silicon Valley bus. Here’s part of the story:

I became the first engineer at AngelList as a result of the inaugural StartupBus event and an introduction from Elias to Naval. While at AngelList, I got to know Apoorva Mehta because we worked in the same co-working space. I met Max Mullen a few months later while conducting the Silicon Valley StartupBus. A couple years later the three of us started working together on Instacart.

Brandon Leonardo, co-founder Instacart

Congrats to Brandon and Max!


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