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StartupBus Africa start-ups: Sterio.Me


Image: Sterio.Me logo.

Sterio.Me engages young rural African learners through a simple, teacher-generated phone-call to reinforce learning outside the classroom.
In rural Africa, teachers face substantial difficulties engaging learners out of the classroom and an even bigger difficulty tracking their performance. There are some solutions on the market using data, video streaming, etc. which offer open-source and free educational materials however, not all learners have access to a smartphone or even stable data connections required to consume content. Using only GSM voice signal for quick quiz delivery, we are able to cover almost the entirety of the African continent.

Sterio.Me enables teachers to pre-record lessons and provide learners with a unique SMS code that routes to the quiz. When a learner texts this code, an automated and free VOIP call from our servers to the learner is triggered. This VOIP call is interactive, including multiple-choice answers and open-ended questions in the same way a call from your bank would work, but with the familiar voice of your teacher. The teachers receive real-time analytics on our platform. These analytics empower teachers to measure how their individual learners understand class content, as well as providing regional and national comparisons with other learners using the platform, allowing long-term tracking and measurable learning improvement.

This is a free platform for both for teachers and learners, with monetisation generated from both professional Sterio.Me creation and value add messaging. As such, we operate as a social, for-profit enterprise.
There will also be a marketplace for teachers to share their Sterio.Me quizzes amongst each other. In addition, we will work with local celebrity-created content to increase learner engagement in education and public information via Sterio.Me.
Sterio.Me was created on the bus by Christopher Pruijsen, Danielle Reid, and Dean Rotherham.

Check-out Sterio.Me on Twitter and Facebook and in the media: Vimeo, Vine, humanipo, TechMoran, and The Tech Guys.

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