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StartupBus 2016: North America Heads to Boulder


Any buspreneur will tell you, mediocrity is a disease and StartupBus is the antidote. That’s why we’re excited to not only announce our 2016 North American Competition, but share some epic changes to this year’s event.

StartupBus North America 2016

On May 15-19th, 7 buses brimming with North America’s top tech talent will push themselves to 70 mph, as they dart across 3 countries towards Boulder, Colorado to compete on the Techstars Stage at Boulder Startup Week.

americas map

how to apply to startupbus


Boulder Startup Week is a weeklong conference and gathering of the minds, drawing thousands of attendees and tech notables from around the globe. Finalists will pitch on stage to Techstars at the historic Boulder Theater, so you know our judging panel will be stacked.

Our destination city is not the only change-up to the North American competition this year.

After the success of last year’s MakerBus, this year we’re pioneering themed buses – solving specific challenges across a variety of industries.

Buspreneurs will be able to choose their own destiny by focusing on a single industry ripe for disruption, creating the first interdisciplinary event of its kind.

Current themes include: Food & Beverage, Emerging Markets, and IoT – with many more to be revealed.

We Move Mountains

Equal parts hackathon, road trip and global community, StartupBus is a life accelerator that skyrockets you to your greatest potential. It’s an initiation into a community of over a thousand people who are on the same journey to greatness, on and off the bus.

Will StartupBus be uncomfortable? Yes, comfort and growth don’t coexist. Will you have to fight off ravenous, battery starved techies to charge your devices? Yep. Will there be consistent Internet? Yeah… probably not.

Will it be the single greatest adventure of your personal and professional life? Ab-so-effing-lutely.

One more question, but only you have the answer.

Are you crazy enough to jump on a bus conceive, build and launch a startup with a group strangers in 72 hours?

If so, prove it:

Send a tweet to @TheStartupBus and ask for an invite code!


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