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StartupBus is a community-led effort and sponsors are a big part of it. They are engines that help us put buses on the road and ensure minimal cost to buspreneurs. So far – we’ve been amazed by the excitement and willingness to help from our sponsors. Here are some pioneers who are leading the way:

  • – they make cloud-based accounting software that boot-strappy entrepreneurs can rely on.
  • – a super easy way to share files and collaborate on the cloud. They’ll make sure buspreneurs are effectively sharing and managing their files on the go.
  • – they make it easy to build killer apps that communicate via SMS and voice. They’ll whip up some cool apps that will help you (the audience) participate in the voting process.

We are also getting some help from these awesome companies:

  • – helps groups collect and manage payments. They will help us collect participant fees quickly and cheaply.
  • – makes a mobile app that allows you to do what business card can’t do – by providing context around your connections.

We’re thrilled to have these supporters onboard!

As more sponsors get onboard – you’ll find them all here. If you want to help StartupBus or know somebody who would like to sponsor StartupBus – contact us sponsorship @ We are especially happy to connect with sponsors that can provide any of the following:

  • Wifi for the buses
  • Host launch events in each city and meetups enroute to Austin, TX.
  • Energy bars, energy drinks or just food for mere humans.
  • Anything else that we left out and you think would help buspreneurs to get to the destination

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