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Sponsor interview with Miriam Rupp, CEO and founder of Mashup Communications


Miriam Rupp is the CEO and founder of Mashup Communications, StartupBus Africa’s official PR partner. She speaks to us about who she is, what she thinks about StartupBus Africa, and gives some good advice to our buspreneurs!

  1. Who are you?
    I’m CEO and founder of Mashup Communications, a Berlin-based PR agency specialised in digital companies and startups. Our goal is to tell new stories every day and to make sure our clients get the media attention they deserve. We chose to focus on young companies, because their innovations also tell a whole new story about how we engage with people, products, and problems. I regularly commute between Berlin and Cape Town. In my blog I celebrate those two cities as well as the way technology makes this lifestyle and so much more possible.
  2. What is your take on the StartupBus Africa project?
    Despite the geographical differences, I believe that Berlin and Cape Town have a lot in common. South Africa’s thriving entrepreneurial and creative scene reminds me a lot of the vibe in Berlin. When I first heard about StartupBus Africa, I thought: a road trip through one of the most beautiful countries in the world, lots of startups from all sorts of nationalities, a great team of organisers who are based in Germany, South Africa and Zimbabwe? I just have to be a part of it (even though I won’t be on the bus). Because of that first feeling as well as the fact that the StartupBus Africa helps to put African startups on the international map and connects entrepreneurs from all parts of the world, we decided to support this project.
  3. Is there any advice that you have for the buspreneurs as they prepare to board the bus?
    Don’t feed the baboons!

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