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So you want to pitch your idea?


With the StartupBus Europe about to launch I bet all you buspreneurs are looking into refining your business pitch. The better your initial pitch off course the better a change you can actually can try to build the business around your idea in the road-trip which starts already this coming Sunday!

Most people write down what they think in their head would make all the different elements of this pitch, practice it a bit in front of the mirror, to their peers or maybe even just some random person walking by on the street. What is it though you need to say, what are the items to think about from your business which are important to your business? What problem are you trying to solve? How will you solve this? All very important questions which you need to take into account when pitching an idea.


To make sure you don’t forget anything the guys from Elevatr created this helpful app. The app will help you get your startup off the ground and start thinking from concept to an actually company. In 5 steps you will start thinking about your Business Plan, Customer Discovery, Product Development, Company Building and Company Growth. An ideal start to getting that preparation going on for our upcoming event.

What kind of tools do you think are helpful also. Tools which helped you out in the past, or maybe some friends? Be sure to leave them in the comments, this could become real handy in the next couple of days 😉


  1. Project Management
    I use podio & trello for project management. It’s easy to see what you have done and easy to see what the others are doing.
    Also working with Google Docs (Google Drive) is insanely productive! You can work and look how far your colleagues are with a presentation or a document.

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