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People of the Sun


We are “People of the Sun”, a solar startup founded by Allen Haroutonian, Jamie Madden and Simeon King. We have developed a whole new asset class powered by the sun & supported by technological advances that will deliver top tier returns to our investors…. the people.

Putting solar on your own roof doesn’t make sense for everyone, renters, people who live in apartments or homes not positioned for solar on their own roof, renting businesses or business without rooftops.

We have created an opportunity for anyone to invest in solar and help facilitate the mass rollout of renewables in Australia.

You might be asking why invest in solar, in a market where everything is going the other way. We have developed a method of harnessing the apathy, uncertainty, dodgy legislation and price fixing to make money for people who “Believe in the Australian sun”.

Our model works independently of government legislation on the Renewable Energy Target and is able to avert the influence falling feedback rates. And It’s is accessible to a wide rage of investors both locally and overseas.

Why? because we believe in the Australian sun too!

People of the Sun Launching @SydStart 2nd Sep 2014

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