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Two weeks ago we launched our website. By connecting to the website with your Facebook account, you register your interest in the event. To unlock the website where you can fill out an application, you need to be invited.

Now what?

If you’ve been invited, chances are you fit the mould of the person we’re looking for. There will still be some vetting of people through the applications, but this is more to ensure we have a good balance of people with skills in product development and business development – as well as background checks on people who may compromise the unique experience we’re trying to build.

The total participation fee has been set at $200. You need to pay this (or source this – see below) in order to be on the bus.

  • $100 of the participation fee is a non-refundable ticket that guarantees your seat
  • The additional $100 is a refundable contribution to ensure we can cover all the costs.

What we mean by the refundable $100 fee is that if we successfully raise enough money in sponsorship (ie, exceed our target), we will refund this amount to you when the buses roll.

Additionally, we understand some of you may be cash-strapped so we are giving people the opportunity to leverage their skills in securing sponsorship, where someone (like a friend or an advertiser) is willing to contribute to the cost for your participation through sponsoring.

Details will be sent out later this week as we send out a notice to those whose applications we’ve accepted.

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