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Meet Fabian-Carlos Guhl


StartupBus Africa’s leader of the pack
At 31, Fabian-Carlos Guhl is passionate about developing people and unmistakably obsessive about efficiency in all he and his team do.
Guhl was born and raised in Berlin, Germany where he completed his education. His university career, however, also took him to Paris and London. He has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Media and Communication and his Masters degree in International Business from ESCP Europe.
Fluent in three languages (German, English, French), it is no surprise that Guhl has travelled extensively for his work; having had a rich variety of exciting posts. From interning for the Vice President of the African Development Bank (ADB) in Tunisia to working in Maketing Communications for the United Nations (UN) in New York, Guhl is no stranger to the development sector. Nonetheless, he says “These organisations (the ADB & UN) move slow and I want to move things quickly”. So, Guhl moved into the digital world where he has been since 2009; working for startups, founding his own, working for a business angel, and doing online marketing sales.
This, coupled with his curiosity, landed Guhl the position of co-founder of FounderBus, what was to be Europe’s version of the American StartupBus. FounderBus was a new challenge for Guhl and soon it merged with StartupBus, as the organisations had incredibly similar goals. Soon after the merger Guhl thought, “I want to do Africa”; so, he joined Magnus Petersen-Paaske and Christopher Pruisjen who had already began building StartupBus Africa. The project has been on the go for approximately 5 months, with Guhl at the helm. He says of StartupBus Africa, “I have the feeling that I am doing something good with this project”.
Guhl explains that leading a team which is scattered all over the world, “is a challenge definitely but it is also a lot of fun”. He tells of his love for challenges and that he thinks he has worked out a good team.
It is this team that has 3 main goals, very clearly outlined by the Guhl: to stimulate networks, raise awareness of Africa’s potential and raise awareness for entrepreneurship in Africa, and ultimately to support the buspreneurs in creating startups that last. But Guhl is adamant that developing people and raising awareness are the most important StartupBus Africa objectives. And with Guhl as leader of the pack, StartupBus Africa is sure to go above and beyond its most pertinent objectives.

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