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Smart Host is Coming to Nashville


As part of Accelerate: Nashville, the StartupBus North America 2015 finals event conference, last year’s winners Smart Host will attend to offer advice to 2015 buspreneurs. Here Nick Persico from Smart Host gives advice to this year’s crop.

The trip begins with each person standing up in front of the bus to introduce themselves and pitch an idea. Since you’re a hustler, the group will naturally have a higher expectation for how you conduct yourself.

The introductions and pitches are the only data points you have to make a decision about which team you’re going to be on. I tried to market myself as outgoing, not afraid of public speaking, and someone who will get the job done.

Instead of waiting for people to come up to me, I did what every hustler should do naturally. I went up to people I found smart and interesting to show interest in their idea.


Nick PersicoNick Persico was on the NorthEast StartupBus in 2014. His team, Smart Host won the 2014 North American competition. After winning, Smart Host is still in business having successfully completed the TechStars Accelerator program.

Meet Nick Persico and the Smart Host team in Nashville on June 8th. Accelerate: Nashville


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