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The StartupBus believes in putting our “buspreneurs” both while en-route to Austin and upon arrival in front of the biggest names around to provide premiuem feedback.  Therefore, we needed to assemble a judging panel consisting of startup veterans, angel investors and, venture capitalists to judge our teams during the semi-finals and finals.  Tonight, for the final event, we are pleased to announce the following judges panel

  • Naval Ravikant
  • Dave McClure
  • Tom Ball
  • Greg Veen
  • Stephen Anderson
  • Phillip Fierlinger

Previously, during the semi-finals we had a high caliber judging panel that included

  • Philip Fierlinger: Co-founder and head of design at Xero
  • Josh Baer: CEO of Other Inbox and Director of The Capital Factory
  • Mike Hirshland: Founder of Dogpatch and partner at Polaris ventures
  • Ben Lerer: Founder of Thrillist and partner at Lerer ventures
  • Peter Flint: partner at Polaris ventures

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