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jstack sends an employee to StartupBus Belgium 2016


In less than three weeks, we’ll have several buses participating in our StartupBus Europe 2016 competition. One of them is gonna be the Belgian bus.

jstack logo - StartupBus Belgium 2016

We’re very happy to have jstack send one of their awesome employees with a passion for technology on the Belgian bus. Here’s how they describe themselves:

jstack creates innovative software solutions for your business. With an open mind we find a balance between people, technology and project approach to achieve the ambitions of our clients and our employees.

Do not expect a classic consultancy firm, but a group of people with a passion for technology, lots of creative ideas and one goal in mind: adding value for our clients. We work lean and mean with a strong focus on Java and Javascript.

jstack is your partner for:

  • Custom software solutions
  • Product development
  • Technical advice about full stack development with Java and Javascript

The buspreneurs of the Belgian bus will visit jstack‘s beautiful Amsterdam offices with a view on Schiphol Airport on Friday September 2nd.

StartupBus Belgium is one of seven buses competing in the StartupBus Europe 2016 competition. Conducted by Ann Glorieus and Lien Van Den Steen, the bus will depart with 20+ developers, designers and hustlers towards Pirate Summit in Cologne, Europe’s craziest invite-only startup conference. During the 72 hour road trip the participants have to conceive, build and launch new startups.

On Monday 5 September, all buses will convene at the beautiful Corda INCubator in Hasselt (Belgium) for StartupBus Demo Day. All startups born during the road trip have to present their MVP in front of a bunch of experienced entrepreneurs and investors.
If you want to apply, then head on over to and hit the “Apply” button.

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