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To be a part of the StartupBus, you need to be invited, write an application, get selected and pay the participation fee. So what about these applications?

Let me just say we are blown away by the quality of applicants, not to mention the originality and thoughtfulness of the applications we’ve received so far.  The sheer craziness of this event in combination with the invite system has proven to be an effective filter of potential applicants. We’ve seen poems, pictures, videos, bullet-point lists and life-stories, have been offered bribes and favors and received requests to bring a bus to the remotest areas of the country.

We’re currently reviewing all applications. Please make sure you have ticked the boxes about what locations you are willing to depart from and what skills you contribute. We are starting the process of notifying people this weekend of who is accepted, but unless you have those boxes ticked, you won’t be considered.

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