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Following on from the 24 hour challenge we ran recently, we’re running another pilot event with the awesome people at Intel. It will be a 36 hour challenge starting in San Francisco and ending in Seattle, where you will also get free tickets to the invite-only conference that Intel runs, called AppUp Elements.

Intel is kindly giving away some amazing prizes ($10,000 cash has be announced so far) and your work on the challenge will get a lot of exposure at the conference. We’re also treating this as one of the few events that we’re running in the lead up to StartupBus 2012, and based on your performance will help you jump the application line for what has become a very competitive process.

Applications close soon so go ahead and apply. If you have any issues in the application process, feel free to email us with team @

Update: the conference will be from the 28-29th September, and the StartupBus will depart Monday morning on the 26th September to arrive on the eve of the conference on the 27th.

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