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Eugenia Brini, StartupBus Italia 2015


Eugenia BriniI’m Eugenia Brini, a graphic designer, Teacher of natural cooking and startupper!

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Tell us about your history with StartupBus. What regions have you participated with. What did you build when you were a buspreneur?

I’m totally in love with Startupbus! In 2013, the first Italian edition, I was a buspreneur and this changed my life. On the bus we created a startup that would improve the method of learning and teaching to children, through edutainment. We were finalists in the Pioneers festival in Vienna.

I learned to solve problems quickly, to work in teams with new people, and learn to control stress. These three characteristics are very useful in everyday life and in my experience as an organizer are really valuable.

What made you decide to become an organizer for StartupBus Europe?

I decided to become an organizer because I believe in challenges’ importance: to improve myself but also the world in which I live. I think it’s a great project that has the potential to create the entrepreneurs of the future, open and curious, capable of overcoming problems and find solutions, and not afraid to get their hands dirty!

Give us an idea about the Italian StartupBus. What are some unique challenges that startups face in Italy? What makes Italy ideal for startups?

Italy. I think this word evokes so many ideas: design, foods, culture, art, history, cars, fashion … The real problem is the mentality. I do not want to open a criticism, I believe that this country has all the credentials to become a nation for startups, since we are a land of entrepreneurs, if we could simplify a little ‘our bureaucracy and our way of thinking … even if that makes us unique in the world anyway!

In my opinion Sb Italy, brings a breath of enthusiasm and ideas really new. A different point of view, perhaps the desire for change that young people feel strongly in a nation in crisis. Then we bring creativity and skills, desire to communicate and to improve the everyday’ lives.

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