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5 Epic Reasons to Join StartupBus Europe


In less than a week, the best and the brightest will come together to compete in StartupBus Europe, the continent’s most epic competition – combining the magic of a hackathon and a road trip to create the ultimate adventure on wheels. We’ll be hitting all the raddest hot spots and tech shops as we make our way to the invite-only Pirate Summit 2015, where buses from 5 countries will converge in the quest for StartupBus glory.

If you’re crazy enough to hop on a bus and build a business with a bunch of strangers in 3 days – or you know someone who is – send them our way

Epicness awaits. 


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Still on the fence? Here are 5 more epic reasons why you should stop everything you’re doing now and sign up for StartupBus Europe:


#1: Do Something That Scares You.


If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough. Push yourself past the limits of what you thought was possible and find out what you’re truly capable of. Whether you’re a hackathon junkie or a total n00b, chances are you’ve never been stuck on a bus with 20 strangers and given 3 days to build something – it’s nothing short of magic.


#2: Eurotrip – ‘Nuff Said.


Who hasn’t dreamed of driving across Europe on a double decker bus in a blaze of glory? This is your chance to travel all over the continent stopping at all the coolest spots and making plenty of killer products (and bad decisions) along the way…


#3: Make Epic Shit.


Think of it as a people accelerator, or a way to fast forward your life. You’ll learn more about yourself in 3 days than you have in 3 months. Cause when else in life will you have a completely safe environment to test out those crazy ideas with complete creative license?


#4: Join The Club.


You’ve heard it before: “the StartupBus will change your life” – but it’s only after 3 days of no sleep and countless hours on the road that you understand what it means to be part of the tribe. Become part of a #DreamTeam you can’t buy your way into and join ranks with some of the most elite hackers, makers and hustlers around. Start friendships that will last a lifetime and fill your rolodex with a list of insanely awesome people that you can call at any time.


#5: Pitch at Pirate Summit.


1st Rule of StartupBus: Always Be Pitching. This year’s finalists will get the chance to brush up on their elevator pitch skills on stage at Pirate Summit’s infamous ‘Walk the Plank’ competition. Route escapades aside (and trust us, they’re awesome) – the destination alone is worth the trip. When else do you get to crack some beers and nerd out in Odonien, a scrapyard in Cologne with rusty robots, zip lines and fires galore? 

Whether you’re a billionaire or haven’t started a company, if you’re the kind of person who dares to risk it all, this is the place for you.


Chances to change your life don’t come often. So what are you waiting for?


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