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Election Results: Your New Board Members Are…


The election results are in and the votes have been tallied.  Thank you all who nominated, discussed, and voted in the this election.  This was a big step forward in the sustainability of our community.  The election of this board marks creates the first full rotation since its creation by the community and as such an evolution into the long term sustainability of the StartupBus organization (which in turn, supports our community).  Thank you to all that participated.

Without further adieu, you as a community have elected the following community members to our board of directors.  In alphabetical order, your new Directors are:

  • Dan Porter
  • Greg Ross-Munro
  • Prateek Gupta
  • Steven Beeckman
  • Yanique DaCosta

They join the existing directors, the founder Elias Bizannes and myself Mitch Neff as Executive Director, as well as the other community members (who will now be serving their second year of a two year appointment)

  • Steve Repetti
  • Christoph Richter
  • Jorge Rios
  • Mahoney Turnbull

Please join me in welcoming them all to the board, which meets again in mid January 2017.   We couldn’t be more excited to have them on board to help steer the vision and goals of StartupBus.

Thank you to Andrew Pinzler, Jamie Roth, and Marcello Schermer for their work since being elected two years ago.  They worked closely with the founder on thinking about what’s best for StartupBus and the community, and independently made some important recommendations. That included the creation of this board of directors, that they seeded and now are rotating off. StartupBus wouldn’t be where it is now without their leadership.

As always, feel free to reach out to any Directors or Board members with your ideas, thoughts, or to just get involved in the community!


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