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Announcing StartupBus North America 2015


2015 is an important year for us – not just because it’s a milestone: it’s been five years on the dot since we announced ourselves to the world. Since then, we’ve added ~1200 people our community across four continents in StartupBus competitions.  It’s been a long, strange trip – and we’re ready to go bigger than we have before in the year ahead.  There will be several major announcements made in 2015 to mark this coming of age that started with the announcement of the community councils.  Today, we’re making a key announcement that shapes the rest of the year:

StartupBus North America 2015

StartupBus NashvilleAfter considering many locations, we discovered an opportunity in Music City USA. We’re excited to head to Nashville, TN June 4-8 for the 36/86 Conference in conjunction with LaunchTN.

Elias, myself and the North American Directors recommended to the North America community council that it was time to move the North American competition away from Austin and the SxSW conference – for many of reasons – chief among them was the timing and the disconnect between the value and the cost for everyone involved.

After considering many locations, we discovered an opportunity in Music City USA.  We’re excited to head to Nashville, TN June 4-8 for the 36/86 Conference in conjunction with LaunchTN. Nashville has welcomed StartupBus with open arms and cultivated a strong alumni network over the years. With recent news like Google Fiber coming to Nashville, you know there’s something brewing there. Nashville will play host in 2015 with the Grand Finals as part of the opening event of 36/86 – as well as new activities to be announced soon…

The most meaningful relationships that come out of StartupBus form by sharing a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the crazy people who are part of this truly unique community. This year in Nashville, we look forward to  providing a new way for the alumni community and the general public to meet the newest members and be part of the activities that facilitate those relationships.

Applications will be opening soon – if you are not alumni, we don’t make it easy to get an invite – not impossible, just not easy.  The easiest way to get considered is to pre-apply now.  Once applications open, this option will be gone…  We will be announcing the opening of applications shortly as well.

2015 is going to be an incredible year – are you ready?

Susie Steiner – Leaving a (Hopefully) Indelible Mark

StartupBus Miami 2011 Crew

The Tampa contingent of StartupBus FL 2011 (Miami Bus)

When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece

– John Ruskin

Susie Steiner was a original member of the StartupBus Florida family, but so, so, so much more. She passed away last week and it has taken some time to get my thoughts together enough to write a note here.  I wasn’t sure if, when, or where I would ever post this, to be honest. I decided to post it here out of respect for what Susie meant to our whole community.

Most of us knew her as a friend, a mentor, a sponsor, an advocate.  While that is all true, it doesn’t come close to describing Susie.  Those are the kind of platitudes that aren’t befitting one of the most complex people I have ever met.

Compatriot, leader, partner-in-crime, true believer, damn-can-I-be-you, fuck-all-this-work-let’s-do-a-margarita-lunch conspirator… Maybe that’s closer to how I knew her, but it still falls short.  I could tell you about all her work with StartupBus, Startup Weekend, Up Global, her half dozen (or more) active startups, how many “people to watch” lists featured her, and how she did all that while running a successful transportation and logistics company.  While that is amazing, it still doesn’t capture the essence of how impressive Susie was as a human.

Susie would literally run across the world if the cause was noble. She was the most complex, interesting, and fun to watch person I have ever met. Fascinating. that’s probably the right word.

How can someone who bestows so much awesome – so much amazingness – so much grace-mixed-with-complexity… to everything that she touches be gone?  Why is the world allowed to be so “m’eh” mixed with bullshit if she is allowed to be taken from us… It’s not fair. It’s not right. She made this place better. For literally everyone.

Some people dedicate themselves to standing up for kids that don’t have a voice. Some people connect the lines to help build a tech ecosystem. Some people have the balls to build businesses. Some people have the soft touch to get EVERYONE to jump on board their cause. Susie was lucky enough to be all those people together and so much more.  She commanded respect without demanding it.  I’m still not close to describing the entirety of who she was. But for those lucky enough to have been touched by her, there is no replacement.

I know how empty things feel around Tampa right now – so it’s not just me that has a place Susie occupied in their heart – a place that feels a bit empty, raw, and tender.  She had so many different facets to her life, certainly people all over world feel the same way. I only had the privilege to call Susie my friend for the last four years or so – I can’t imagine how her family and those that knew her for forever must be hurting… I wish I could hug you all.

To remember Susie and serve her memory well is to remember the ways she impacted my life and certainly so many others.  For me, I can distill much of that down to this:

Action is way more impressive than talking
Doing good is better than doing well.  

That’s what Susie exemplified in word and deeds.  Now that I think about it, it’s time I focus on making things better, not just doing more work.  I hope anyone and everyone who knew Susie will do the same.  Amazing things will happen. You might not change the world in a day, but you can change someone’s life by imparting those simple lessons she demonstrated to us.

Practice rather than preach. Make of your life an affirmation, defined by your ideals, not the negation of others. Dare to the level of your capability then go beyond to a higher level.

– Alexander Haig

We all miss the hell out of you already, Susie.  There will never be another, that’s for certain.

Only a great friend will take pictures with you when you are a grown ass man with a ridiculous mohawk

Only a great friend will take pictures with you when you are a grown ass man with a ridiculous mohawk

Announcing the Community Council Election


(Ed Note: This post is set to “private”. Please save the link for future reference as this post won’t appear in search or on the blog site – Please do not share the link outside StartupBus.  This post is family business…)

Hello Disruptors, Rockstars, and Grinders!

You remember that in April we issued a call for nominations to the recently announced Community Councils. The nominations are in and it is now time to make the new community structure real. The mandate of these councils is vital as they will define the future structure of the organisation.  The people you choose will be instrumental in forming the basis and culture of the next generation of StartupBus.

Elias Bizannes (as founder and Chief) and myself (Mitch – as Global Director) have spent a lot of time thinking about the future of StartupBus and talking with our Directors across the globe. Core to that future, is the way we are governed and have the community’s views represented. We’re excited that we are making a first step to the vision we have for our future – forming the Community Councils.

To start off, the Councils will act in an advisory capacity to us and the other directors in how we develop our strategy and execute it going forward.  This is how we can ensure that other big changes and growth plans  resonate and make sense to you, the community.

Without any further adieu, here are the nominees – If you feel so inclined, you can provide testimonials on candidates in comments. The link below goes to the voting form in a new tab with further instructions. Voting will end July 1, 2014 at 11:59pm Pacific time. If you have any questions, hit me or Elias up on email – mitch<at> or  elias<at>

>>Vote by clicking this link<<

Global Community Council Nominees

(in order received)

Prateek Gupta

 prateek I conducted StartupBus in 2014 and was a Buspreneur in 2013 from San Francisco. During SUB 2014, I launched #Instaparty & was proudly involved with #helpflorida campaign. As a hackathon enthusiast, I founded FreshTag in 2012 & in 2013.VentureBeat:
⇓Contribution Statement/⇑Short Bio
Besides all the love I have for StartupBus Community, I will be leading StartupBus India in 2015, and want to work on startupbus’ social network “FacedIn” (facebook+linkedin). 

Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey

 JeffKinsey  Rainmaker. Mentor. Author.Entrepreneur. Journalist. Publisher. Speaker. Educator. Lobbyist for startup community. Marketing Mad Man. Mobile App and Biz Dev for iOS/Droid/Kindle/Nook. Extensive manufacturing, customer service & recruiting leadership. Exploring digital currency. Theory of Constraints Jonah’s Jonah. US Marine Corps veteran; received a Letter of Commendation for process improvement.Raised over $1MM for OPS (other people’s startups).
⇓Contribution Statement/⇑Short Bio
Co-Founder of CoinCollectr BitcoinPOS™ solution via StartupBus, March 2014.Launched “LeanStartPad” July 2013, an iOS app dev business.Launched “GoLive Magazine” July 2012, a digital publishing platform for thought leaders. We have published 18 issues of “LIfe’s Journey” magazine on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Nook HD for eighteen months straight.Americas Sponsorship Lead for StartupBus 2012; landed RackSpace as major sponsor and got Robert Scoble on a bus. Almost got MC Hammer on one too.Las Vegas Conductor StartupBus 2012; got 3 of my 4 teams into the semi-finals.Biz Dev for Team STEMivate at 3 Day Startup; San Antonio, TX; April 2012.Buspreneur and Biz Dev for “”—Cleveland StartupBus 2011.Bottom line: I produce results.

Shane Needham

shanefb Shane has helped clients like Buffalo Wild Wings, Publix Super Markets and the Tampa Bay Lightning translate brand differentiators into engaging experiences that convert customers to advocates. Shane heads the digital production team at 22squared.An audiophile, a culinary curator and part-time gardner, Shane lives in Clearwater, Florida with his wife, Christina.Work completed and in progress can be found at
⇓Contribution Statement/⇑Short Bio
SInce my tour on the bus in 2012, the StartupBus experience has defined in whole or in part my days since. The experience was about as enlightening as a modern day man could hope. It has built confidence in my capabilities and provided a basis for growth in my job and life.Given this fact, I’ve always looked for ways to support the StartupBus community locally, here in Tampa. With some efforts being more successful than others, I see my participation on the Community Council as a resolved commitment to see to it that others have the chance to gain the experience and change that a single trip on the Bus can give.

Jamie Roth 

jamieroth I’m currently Director of Community Development and Investment Analyst at Quotidian Ventures and Project Manager at Matchbook. Previously I was the Campus Operations Manager at General Assembly and co-founded a records + tapes indie-electronic label in Boston. I was on team on StartupBus NYC 2013 and Conductor of North Bus in 2014 (#VoltronBus forever!)Likes: cheese, bourbon, yoga Dislikes: Rainy days, hard boiled eggs, and before 10am
⇓Contribution Statement/⇑Short Bio
I’m a total kool-aid drinker when it comes to the the tech community, and I believe that the StartupBus is a unique example of talent and fearlessness coming together to make amazing shit happen.I was lucky enough to be a part of the inaugural Canadian bus this past year, and although we didn’t end up running our own bus, joining forces with the Seattle crew proved to me once again this community’s uncanny sense of adventure and ability to come together to solve well, anything. This community is filled with brilliant, passionate, talented people who continue to inspire me. Conducting the North bus was one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve ever had.I’d love nothing more than to run a packed bus from Toronto next year, and there’s a lot of fun work to be done to make this a reality. I’m excited to continue to work with the small but powerful group of alumni in Toronto to start monthly action-oriented events to build-up a community of potential buspreneurs and sponsors.

Isaac Mizrahi

isaacisaac Graduated Duke in 2012 and moved to Boulder to work at a Techstars graduate company. Then decided to join the dark side and enroll at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. Last summer, I clerked in-house doing intellectual property work for Zumba Fitness. This summer, I’ll be working at a South Florida law firm in their Entrepreneurial Business division. Besides that, I’m a fun loving Cuban-Jewish nerd from Miami who loves making something out of nothing. 
⇓Contribution Statement/⇑Short Bio
In any organization it’s necessary to have a diversity of thought. I’ll probably be the only future attorney requesting to be on any council. It’s vital to have people approaching Startup Bus’ goals and responsibilities from a vast array of perspectives. As a matter of practicality, having someone who can draft documents or get advice from an attorney (i.e. a professor or colleague) for free is extremely valuable. Additionally, I have extensive experience in the creation of new By-Laws and organizational constitutions as I have most recently started the Jewish Law Students Association and Association for Law and Entrepreneurship at UF Law. Lastly, I have a passion for entrepreneurship and helping others reach their goals. At my base, I’m a helper. This is the most effective way to help as many great people as I can. I love this community and would love to give back. Please vote for me because: 1. Diversity of Thought 2. Free Legal Advice 3. Passion for Helping Others

Param Rengaiah

 param  I work to create softwares that primarily solves business problems but shows empathy for the users and strives enrich their lives. I have held various roles during last 13 years of my professional career including Product Manager, Software Architect, Client Engagement Manager and Developer. I choose the tools (language, platform & framework) that matches given context and needs.Focus areas are user experience design, modular architectures and mobile. More at
⇓Contribution Statement/⇑Short Bio
I have always thrived at the intersection of two or more cultures. And thats what I think I bring to the table – an outsider perspective.I grew up in an island in Indian Ocean where I was exposed to multiple languages and cultures. Its where I learnt the meaning of humility and inclusiveness. I built up on that during my college days and in US, even after 10 years. In my professional career as well, I act as the bridge between technical, business and user community.I am a perpetual optimist, passionate and relentless in whatever I choose. I am a hustler, hacker and a hipster – whatever it takes to get things done – I am a maker.I have participated in many hacathons, presented in conferences, helped in organizing few of them. I know a thing or two about cumminity.I actively look for experiences that pushes the boundaries, shakes me from my confort zone and pave new roads because I understand that edjes is where humans connect.This is who I am. This is what I bring.

Antony Wainaina Kariuki


 Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications student at Strathmore University, Nairobi, Kenya. Interest in technology, startups, social media marketing and events’ management. LinkedIn: Twitter: @kawgwheelz
⇓Contribution Statement/⇑Short Bio
Currently residing in Africa, I will be keeping the community up to date with startup trends in Kenya, and Africa in general. My experience in social media will allow me to market the community well.

Andrew “Pinz” Pinzler

pinz Hi, I’m Pinz. ( I was a 2012 NYC Buspreneur (, a 2013 NYC Co-Conductor ( and the 2014 North American Head of Operations ( I’ve worked at Deloitte, Dow Jones, BBC Worldwide, Bitly and a startup called Cove ( I’m a frequent hackathon participant and occasional winner ( Perhaps most importantly, I’m a proud uncle –
⇓Contribution Statement/⇑Short Bio
Over the last three years StartupBus has given me opportunities to grow and learn that I never would have received anyplace else. As a buspreneur I was allowed and encouraged to step outside my comfort zone. As a conductor I was able to mentor new members of our community. As the head of operations for this year’s North American competition I was given the opportunity to see how StartupBus works as organization and help lead it. I’ve experienced StartupBus from (almost) every angle and I like to think that I understand the desires and concerns of people at all levels of our community. While this may have started as just an awesome competition, StartupBus is a community now more than anything else. We’ve won together and we’ve lost together, we celebrated and we complained together, and defeats were softened and victories were sweeter because we did them together. I don’t want to know what my world would be like without the support and friendship I gained from this community. Thank you.

Alice Ng

 Alice_Ng  Alice is a hustler who makes great things happen. She fell in love with StartupBus in 2012 when she attended her first Accelerate and became a NYC buspreneur in 2013, and a NYC conductor in 2014–keeping the win in her hometown. She is currently the director of marketing for a tech-focused non-profit and the co-founder of the International Space Apps Challenge in NYC. She is a mentor at Big Brothers, Big Sisters (BBBS) and an officer on the board of the Asian Mentoring Committee of BBBS.
⇓Contribution Statement/⇑Short Bio
I should represent StartupBus because I’ve continually shown my support and dedication for the organization. Most recently, I was a 2014 conductor who secured another win for NYC and proved I will advocate for what is right. For example, during deliberations at Rackspace, I fought for team Roll to compete in the semi-finals, despite overwhelming pushback from other conductors as well as Elias and Jon. In addition, I’ve produced 3 StartupBus events before departure, including Accelerate, and a post-StartupBus showcase.Secondly, there should be a woman in a leadership role at StartupBus, so we can break the perception that StartupBus is “bro-ey”. This community is comprised of many talented women, but most people do not know they exist nor do most women understand that they themselves can become an integral member of this community. I want to change that.

Marcello Schermer

 marcello  Originally from Austria but now I live in San Francisco. Trying to help wherever I can to build startup ecosystems and help entrepreneurs. Organizer of startup weekends, conductor of Startup Bus, Ambassador for Pioneers Festival, and proud Sandbox member.
⇓Contribution Statement/⇑Short Bio
Having been on the African Startup Bus as a buspreneur as well as a conductor on the westcoast bus, I have seen the Startup Bus community in a variety of different ways and have met great people who taught me lots of important lessons. I want to keep on working for and giving back to this fantastic community and the community council is a great way of making it happen.

 Taylor Wallace

 Taylor  I’m a wordsmith technologist wrapped up in sounds and strung out on Chaucer. These days I’m wrangling chaos and art direction with I show up. I wear purple pants. I hustle and dance. Books were my beginning, theatrical production was the middle, mobile photo and video is meow. Florida is a better place to start a company than NYC but the bagels really suck here. Will contract for NY bagel.
⇓Contribution Statement/⇑Short Bio
 When I first heard about StartupBus from a dank New York cubicle, I didn’t think I’d ever be hip enough to hack or hustle my way on board. A year later, I wrote an essay about my ability to shovel bullshit out of the way of people smarter than myself, enabling teams to really get the job done. During my past two bus rides, I quickly learned that if you want to ride that bus like a pro, you best heave a mean, shit-filled shovel. My days are spent creating one product with one tight knit team, and StartupBus enables me to explore so many new and exciting ideas in a blitzkrieg of awesome. As such, my second entrepreneurial home outside of WeVue is with you crazy dancing fools. Let me be a monkey boss, and we’ll have a wicked f*in circus.
No bio/picture received:

Will Mitchell, Roxanne Spielvogel, Eme Morato

North America Community Council Nominees

(in addition to North Americans above, listed in order received)

Bill Brister

BillB I’m a Customer Centric leader – I have worked over the past decade learning how to solve problems, find solutions and satisfy all levels of customer/member/user bases. I’ve worked for startups as well as big companies. I focus on building relationships, introducing people, and solving problems. 
⇓Contribution Statement/⇑Short Bio
I’ve been passionate about startups for over a decade. My focus and drive are customer/member centric. I have honed the fine skill of customer service using the “trial by fire” method … I learn by doing. Leading the StartupBus community will help continue to learn by serving the community. Basically – I’m your “Go-To” guy if you have a problem that needs fix’n!!!

Ashley Parkes

 ashley A Nashville Buspreneur of 2014, I enjoy 3D printing, horses, and shoes. Currently working on Aloncii, a startup developing production technology for footwear. Find me on twitter @ashleyeparkes or Instagram @ashley_parkes.
⇓Contribution Statement/⇑Short Bio
Simple: the Startup Bus changed my life, and I want to help build its future!

 Carl Shotwell

 carl  After graduating from OSU, Carl began his career as a builder of many things. By day, he is a builder of software and software accessories. By night, he is a builder of communities, relationships, and sandcastles. He’s just experiencing life, on a quest to find some unique mustards that he has not yet consumed.
⇓Contribution Statement/⇑Short Bio
I believe that a close knit community is one of the strongest things that a person can belong to, and I love spreading that feeling to others. As a representative, I would fight for the preservation of the spirit of the StartupBus community, while reaching out and bringing in as many people that hold similar passions as possible. In early March, I jumped on a bus and shared a truly unique experience with 20 strangers from Kansas City, and through this experience, gained 20 close friends. It would be a goal of mine to not only have the same experience next year, but to ensure that as many fresh hackers, hustlers, and hipsters as possible are able to do the same.

 Matt Schaar

 mattschaar My background: My ruminations:
⇓Contribution Statement/⇑Short Bio
Three reasons: 1) BELIEF IN THE MISSION: StartupBus definitely changed my life for the better. Hopping on the 2013 Midwest Bus set a course for distant lands for me…like New York. The desire to harness the ever-changing locus of technology to create world-changing stuff is a common thread in this community, and my life’s work centers around this purpose. 2) TACTICAL SOLUTION-BUILDING: Passion is half the equation; what’s also necessary for a leader to thrive is a decisive ability to execute. I’ve founded several companies and have advised Fortune 500s on their business strategy; making difficult decisions has been an essential component in my clients succeeding in their mission, and I plan to bring that same approach to the Council. 3) GLOBAL CONNECTIONS: I’ve lived in three countries and have connections across a variety of industries. I know exactly what needs to be done to increase StartupBus’ exposure to the outside world, and I’m thrilled to do so!

Kevin Galligan

 Kevin  Kevin Galligan has been coding professionally for 15 years, and currently is the Lead Developer and President of Touch Lab, New York’s premiere Android-only development shop. He and his team have built great Android apps for a number of NY startups; some recent/current projects: 1 Second Everyday, Chatwala responsive video messaging, Cover payment app, TheLadders, and TimeHop. In the evenings he’s either running the big Android meetup in NY or playing the guitar with his band Diesel America.
⇓Contribution Statement/⇑Short Bio
I’ve been pretty heavily involved in the NY SUB community since riding in 2012, including support for recruiting, Accelerate, related events such as Space Apps, and participating as a semi-finals judge for 2014. I run Touch Lab, which is an Android consulting company, a large Android meetup in NYC, and am heavily tied into the mobile and startup spaces in NYC. If you’re looking to have some more hacker representation, I think I’d be great for that. Personally, I’d like to be more involved, and have considered conducting, but running the business is a significant time drain. The community council sounds like a great way to get more involved.
No bio/picture received:

Will Mitchell, Blake Benthall, Roxanne Spielvogel, Eme Morato, Ashley Mooney, Russell Benzing

On the future of StartupBus


I never thought StartupBus would become what it has.  What started as an experiment has become a global phenomenon. Not just in what the world has seen with the events we produce (and the companies associated with our community), but also in the way StartupBus operates. The entire StartupBus organisation is run by people who once upon a time rode a bus themselves. And when I say people, I’m speaking of the 1000+ to be involved as participants, I’ve personally worked with hundreds of them in this capacity. How many global organisations touching hundreds of communities around the world do you know where the entire organisation is run by its customers and no full time employees? Burning Man as a company  has achieved this on a great scale — they are to me a great example of a hybrid Starfish and Spider organisation that I would like StartupBus to become.

When I say “customers”, let me put this in context with a StartupBus success story – or more specifically, the reason why I do this year on year. Brandon Leonardo, a highly talented but equally unconfident engineer, was on that first ever bus.  He quit his job and worked full time on StartupBus several times. Because of StartupBus, he found a job as one of the first engineers of AngelList, where he met his co-founder (the third co-founder Max Mullen is another StartupBus community leader).  They created Instacart which raised $8.5m from Seqouia capital and executed beautifully. Brandon’s (and Max’s) story, just one of many that I’m proud of — is the embodiment of our vision, which is to empower the people who can disrupt the status quo in order to create a better life for us all.

Now in our fifth year, I’ve been actively thinking about what’s next for StartupBus. I think about how this unique kind of organisation will exist without depending on any one person. To exist without falling into irrelevance due to a changing marketplace. To continue to grow and achieve our vision with new offerings and in new geographies.

In my eyes, to make this a sustainable organisation, it needs three things: it needs the right people running it, consistent cashflow to fund our operations, and good governance – which is what I am formally announcing today:

Global Community Council and Tribal Community Councils

For the next year, we’ll be running another experiment whereby the community will advise me and the directors on how to run the organisation. My hope is that this body becomes the way we run the organisation in the future, similar to how a legislature would work; with the directors as the executive branch that’s appointed by them (and I deliberately use a parliamentary example and not a board of directors comparison, as traditional companies operate like a tyranny). There will be a Global Community Council (GCC)  and Tribal Community Councils (TCC) in each of the continents we currently operate (North America, Europe, and Africa). The inaugural 2014 Global Community Council and  Tribal Community Councils will have a charter task to prepare and submit a plan regarding the future structure of StartupBus. I will be asking each TCC and, in-turn, the GCC to prepare a submission on the future setup of StartupBus as a global organisation run entirely by the community. The GCC will have a highly influential role in the recommendations that will be implemented by me and the team of directors. My goal is to take their recommendations very seriously and make this a test for what could become a new decision making group by the community.

Tribal Community Council (TCC)


  • Advise the regional directors and global directors on ad hoc needs.
    • The first one will be to complete the inaugural charter task of submitting a plan for the future governance to the Global Community Council via their representative on the GCC, and informing the directors of their plans to assist in generating discussions.
  • Provide a review of the performance of the directors in a tribe (North America, Europe, Africa)
  • Send a representative on the Global Community Council to ensure there is a voice for each major grouping of the community.

TCC Details:

  • The North American Tribal Council,  European Tribal Council, and African Tribal Council will have a minimum requirement of three people to make it active and a maximum of six available spots.
  • To stand for a position on a TCC, you must have ridden in the competition pertaining to that region (North America, Europe, or Africa).
  • No one person can hold a position across multiple community councils.  A director cannot be on a community council, but will be a part of it as an ex-officio. The exception would be the TCC representative on the GTC.
  • All “buspreneurs” are eligible to nominate themselves and if it comes to it, vote for nominees for one of the spots on their own TCC . A “buspreneur” is someone who has participated in our annual competition and launched a company on a bus. People that have not been “buspreneurs” may be approved by approval from me on an exception basis — an example would be some sponsor-representatives that have ridden a bus that have proven to be valuable members of the community.

Global Community Council


  • Advise global directors and the Chief on ad hoc global needs and issues
    • In 2014, receive and debate the merits and failures of three TCC plans. Using the plans provided as a guide craft a global community governance model to be submitted to the founder
    • In 2014, complete the inaugural charter task of submitting a consolidated global plan for the future governance of the entire global  StartupBus Community to the founder
  • Provide a review of global directors performance

GCC Details:

  • The GCC will have one representative from each of the TCCs and a matching amount of open positions filled by direct nomination/election from the global community. For 2014, this means a total of six.
  • No one person can hold a position across multiple community councils.  A director cannot be on a community council, but will be a part of it as an ex-officio. The exception would be the TCC representative on the GCC.
  • All “buspreneurs” are eligible to nominate themselves and if it comes to it, vote for nominees for the three at-large GCC positions . A “buspreneur” is someone who has participated in our annual competition and launched a company on a bus. People that have not been “buspreneurs” may be approved by approval from me on an exception basis — an example would be some sponsor-representatives that have ridden a bus that have proven to be valuable members of the community.

Action Required – Nomination Procedure:

  • Anyone from the community can self-nominate for the three at-large Global Community Council positions and/or the five spots on your region’s TCC using the link below. You may put your name in for both roles.
  • Nominations open Wednesday April 16, 2014 and will close midnight Wednesday April 23, 2014 Pacific Standard Time. Should more people nominate themselves than open positions, an election will be held immediately following.

To nominate yourself, fill out this form:

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