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StartupBus NA Summer 2017


It’s that time of year again; summer sun, outdoor concerts, boating, bonfires and vaycay. It’s the time of year when ya’ll should escape the monotony of the day-to-day and set out on a new adventure.

Well brace yourselves, because this year we have the answer for you! StartupBus is an entrepreneur-accelerator on wheels in which entrepreneurs from regions across the globe come together to develop new skillsets and join an amazing network of like-minded individuals. It’s a great opportunity to find some stimulation that could generate new ideas for you or your company! Not to mention you get to road trip across the country This year, there are seven buses from across North America are traveling for three days to the pitch competition in New Orleans! Beautiful scenery, awesome startup ecosystem, and a whole lot of Shrimp Gumbo.

You should know that StartupBus isn’t for the faint of heart. Yes it’s fun, exciting, wild and totally different than anything you’ve ever done before; it is a lot of work. I mean you didn’t get to be the entrepreneur you are now by sitting around; same concept goes for the Bus! Those who put in the sweat equity will get out the most from the experience.

Riding the bus is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to become part of a lasting international network. Members of the community are elite entrepreneurs represented in each of the biggest tech ecosystems across the world. So come aboard, represent your city, and be a part of the action.

Apply Today!

Election Results: Your New Board Members Are…


The election results are in and the votes have been tallied.  Thank you all who nominated, discussed, and voted in the this election.  This was a big step forward in the sustainability of our community.  The election of this board marks creates the first full rotation since its creation by the community and as such an evolution into the long term sustainability of the StartupBus organization (which in turn, supports our community).  Thank you to all that participated.

Without further adieu, you as a community have elected the following community members to our board of directors.  In alphabetical order, your new Directors are:

  • Dan Porter
  • Greg Ross-Munro
  • Prateek Gupta
  • Steven Beeckman
  • Yanique DaCosta

They join the existing directors, the founder Elias Bizannes and myself Mitch Neff as Executive Director, as well as the other community members (who will now be serving their second year of a two year appointment)

  • Steve Repetti
  • Christoph Richter
  • Jorge Rios
  • Mahoney Turnbull

Please join me in welcoming them all to the board, which meets again in mid January 2017.   We couldn’t be more excited to have them on board to help steer the vision and goals of StartupBus.

Thank you to Andrew Pinzler, Jamie Roth, and Marcello Schermer for their work since being elected two years ago.  They worked closely with the founder on thinking about what’s best for StartupBus and the community, and independently made some important recommendations. That included the creation of this board of directors, that they seeded and now are rotating off. StartupBus wouldn’t be where it is now without their leadership.

As always, feel free to reach out to any Directors or Board members with your ideas, thoughts, or to just get involved in the community!


Annual nominations (and elections) for the StartupBus board


Fellow members of the StartupBus community,

Like other organizations, StartupBus has always had people leading strategy and decision making so that the things we do keep getting better and better.

Unlike most other organizations, the leadership are chosen by the community of people that were its customers, which in our case are Buspreneurs. The StartupBus Board of Directors serves as the highest decision making body, which consists of representatives from the community, the management team, and the shareholding. The Board runs the organization by owning our strategy, reviewing the performance of our activities, and overseeing the management of the organization.

This is a turning point for us. It all started over two years ago with the election of the Community Council, who worked with me as the founder to rethink StartupBus. On their advice, that led to the creation of the Board of Directions who became the new institutionalized body to take over formally from what was a heavily founder-led community. They seeded it and last year we had our first elected board members who joined them. This year, whoever replaces to fill the seats, will serve as the first full rotation of the board of directions since it was originally created.

We’re assuming, based on previous nomination periods, that more Buspreneurs than positions will be available, which is why when you apply we are asking you to fill in a potential election bio.

How do people nominate somebody? 

Via email, by sending your nominee’s full name and email to so we are aware of them and can ask them in case they don’t see this notice. Ideally, however, you will have them fill out this application form

How many people can you nominate? 

There is no limit, and yes, you can nominate yourself and it’s preferred. Go ahead and apply!

How long will these people serve in the Board? 

It’s a two-year appointment. Currently, the board meets once a month formally though that may reduce in frequency in future to allow for more delegated authority with sub-committees who will meet as they see fit.

How long do nominations last? 

Nominations will be open for a full week until November 7 2016. If more applications than positions occur, elections will be held a week after that.

The election committee will arbitrate on any issues.

Keep in mind that you will impact the entire strategy of a 1,500+ international organization, so choose wisely. 

Any additional questions may be addressed to

And the winner of StartupBus Europe 2016 is…



After 4 days of traveling through Europe while setting up their startup, one team was awarded the best startup by the judging panel. Trustful wants to digitize the ballot system by using NFC and blockchain technology for secure electronic voting. Any card unique to the holder (think a library card or any other identifying card) and using an NFC chip can be used to cast a vote.

StartupBus Europe 2016 winner Trustful

Runner-up was Flightship, a startup born on the Swiss bus. Flightship finds the most convenient location to meet up with friends from all over the globe.

Sitting in the judging panel were Elias Bizannes, Founder of StartupBus and StartupHouse, Lars Rasmussen, Co-Founder & Chief Espresso Officer of Weav Music, Kristin Müller, Investment Manager at High-Tech Gründerfonds and Carl- Luis Rieger, Investment Analyst at Kompass Ventures. Elias Bizannes said about Trustful “Of all the teams, the thing that was most impressive about Trustful was that they had a vision, a real strong demo and the demo didn’t only reveal product vision but also execution.”

This year’s edition of StartupBus Europe counted 22 teams with participants of 21 different nationalities, basically covering all continents. Divided over four buses and departing from London, Paris, Brussels or Zürich, they gathered in Hasselt for Demo Day at Corda INCubator after the 3-day road trip. There, a shortlist was made up containing, apart from Trustful:

  1. Audio Beacon (BE)
  2. Exist (UK)
  3. Grouped Up (FR)
  4. Flightship (CH)
  5. Nightly (UK)
  6. Pike (BE)
  7. Sqill (UK)
  8. Tipple (UK)
  9. Zing Menu (BE)

Finals took place at Pirate Summit, an invite-only, startup conference in Cologne. During the 2 days spent in Cologne, all 22 teams have the occasion to meet potential investors and pitch for the essential funding to boost their startup.

StartupBus is an intense startup competition and global network of 1,500 buspreneurs. This network is formed during a 3-day entrepreneurial bootcamp during which they are required to setup a full blown startup: from pitching an idea, forming teams, to building an actual product or service in the 72 hours spent on the bus. Each startup will be judged on their product, pitch and traction.

Finalists of StartupBus Europe 2016


After 72 hours of driving through Europe our buses from Belgium, France, Switzerland and the UK arrived earlier today at Corda INCubator at the beautiful Corda Campus in Hasselt (Belgium) for our demo day.

The weather was a bit grim upon arrival but cleared up afterwards. After a nice breakfast offered by Radix/Startup League we went on to have our demo day. Each startup born on our buses had to pitch for three minutes followed by a three minute Q&A of the judges which took pretty much all day.

The pitching was followed by talks from representatives of Mastercard and Start it @ kbc (Dirk Lievens). After the pitches we had a small reception after which we announced the 10 finalists of StartupBus Europe 2016 who will pitch tomorrow at Pirate Summit. Here are the 10 finalists:

Congratulations to all the finalists. See you tomorrow 12h30 at Pirate Summit in Crow’s Nest for the finals and the announcement of the StartupBus Europe 2016 winner at 18h30, again in Crow’s Nest. After the Pirate Burning there will be a StartupBus party at Pirate Summit itself.

Directors of StartupBus Europe 2016 at Corda Campus (Hasselt, Belgium)

StartupBus UK 2016 kick-off event at Hustletree


Tonight, StartupBus UK 2016 had its kick-off event at Hustletree Shoreditch in London. Conductor Donald Whyte told the audience about the StartupBus experience followed by talks and panels from sponsors Cyber-duck, Arts Alliance Media (AAM) and Bloomberg.


StartupBus UK 2016 will be visiting Paris


The buspreneurs of StartupBus UK 2016 are lucky: their first night they’ll have a magnificent stay at Generator Hostel in Paris! With a beautiful view on Montmartre from Le Rooftop, the buspreneurs can continue working on their newly startups.

Montmartre from Le Rooftop de Generator Hostel Paris

Le Rooftop 2 - Valentine Tchoukhonine - July 2015

StartupBus UK is one of the buses participating in StartupBus Europe 2016, Europe’s most intense hackathon / Navy SEALS bootcamp for entrepreneurs. Follow the buses live at, @TheStartupBus and on Facebook.

FIFA TMS partners with StartupBus Switzerland 2016


We’re very happy to announce that FIFA TMS (Transfer Matching Systems) is partnering with StartupBus Switzerland 2016 this year.

Here’s what FIFA TMS has to say about themselves:

FIFA TMS strives to be the “go-to” solution provider in the football transfer market. Based on our knowledge of transfers and technology, we are committed to developing high quality products and services designed to meet football stakeholder and customer needs.

We are privileged to have the opportunity to make a difference in football and are always looking for experienced and driven employees to join our team. To learn more about FIFA TMS, please visit

FIFA TMS builds cool products powering the global football scene such as International Transfer Matching System (ITMS), Domestic Transfer Matching System (DTMS), Global Player Exchange (GPX) and analytics through data & reports (D&R). You can follow them on Twitter at @FIFATMS.

StartupBus Switzerland 2016 is one of the buses participating in StartupBus Europe 2016, Europe’s most intensive bootcamp for entrepreneurs, software developers and designers. In 72 hours they’ll have to conceive, build and launch new startups while discovering Europe’s local tech ecosystem. Destination? Pirate Summit in Cologne, Europe’s craziest, invite-only startup conference.

Route of StartupBus Swiss 2016 (subject to change)

Want to join the ride from 2 to 7 September? Apply now at!

Update about StartupBus Italy 2016


For this year’s StartupBus Europe competition we have decided to merge the Italian bus with our other buses. Watch out for the Italian buspreneurs, they’re smokin’ hot!

A picture taken on one of the buses of Startupbus Europe 2015

The events in Bologna, Prague, Berlin and Hamburg to be visited by the Italian bus have been cancelled and we’re looking into visiting them next year. We wish to offer our sincere apologies for these late changes in the planning.

StartupBus believes entrepreneurship cannot be taught in a classroom but it can be learned while doing. Packing the experience of year one of a tech startup into 72 hours, our life-changing road trips are designed for maximal impact on the skills of our participating software developers, designers and hustlers. Our next competition is StartupBus Europe 2016, running from 2 till 7 September.

On Monday 5 September, all buses will convene at the beautiful Corda INCubator in Hasselt (Belgium) for StartupBus Demo Day. All startups born during the road trip have to present their MVP. The 10 best startups will pitch at Pirate Summit in Cologne. Pirate Summit is Europe’s craziest invite-only startup conference with over 1,000 entrepreneurs and early stage investors attending.

If you want to participate, then head on over to and hit the “Apply” button. We have a few spots left on our French and Swiss bus.

Building Moving Experiences with Uber and SoundHound


Back in May 2016 we had the StartupBus North America 2016 competition driving from all over North America to Boulder Startup Week in Colorado.

The San Francisco bus was sponsored by Uber and had some dev evangelists onboard to help the new startups build awesome products using the Uber APIs. Check out the below 20 minute video with a walk-through through the APIs of both Uber and SoundHound (the latter showcasing some cool speech APIs!).

The video was cut from this one hour panel about disrupting transportation at Uber HQ in San Francisco.
StartupBus San Francisco 2016 kick-off panel at Uber HQ

StartupBus believes entrepreneurship cannot be taught but it can be learned. We do this through experiences such as our annual StartupBus competitions. In the past seven years we’ve built a global network of around 1500 tested tech entrepreneurs.

If you want to become part of our global family, our next competition is StartupBus Europe 2016, happening from 2-7 September 2016 with demo day at Corda INCubator in Hasselt (Belgium) and finals at Pirate Summit in Cologne (Germany). Apply now at!