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Finalists of StartupBus Europe 2016


After 72 hours of driving through Europe our buses from Belgium, France, Switzerland and the UK arrived earlier today at Corda INCubator at the beautiful Corda Campus in Hasselt (Belgium) for our demo day.

The weather was a bit grim upon arrival but cleared up afterwards. After a nice breakfast offered by Radix/Startup League we went on to have our demo day. Each startup born on our buses had to pitch for three minutes followed by a three minute Q&A of the judges which took pretty much all day.

The pitching was followed by talks from representatives of Mastercard and Start it @ kbc (Dirk Lievens). After the pitches we had a small reception after which we announced the 10 finalists of StartupBus Europe 2016 who will pitch tomorrow at Pirate Summit. Here are the 10 finalists:

Congratulations to all the finalists. See you tomorrow 12h30 at Pirate Summit in Crow’s Nest for the finals and the announcement of the StartupBus Europe 2016 winner at 18h30, again in Crow’s Nest. After the Pirate Burning there will be a StartupBus party at Pirate Summit itself.

Directors of StartupBus Europe 2016 at Corda Campus (Hasselt, Belgium)

StartupBus UK 2016 kick-off event at Hustletree


Tonight, StartupBus UK 2016 had its kick-off event at Hustletree Shoreditch in London. Conductor Donald Whyte told the audience about the StartupBus experience followed by talks and panels from sponsors Cyber-duck, Arts Alliance Media (AAM) and Bloomberg.


There’s a strategy for that!


I’m a techie and there’s this one thing we technology nerds often forgot: how are we gonna make money from the products we build? How are we gonna achieve our goals so the company we’re building can keep existing?

Well, to achieve your goals you need a strategy and that’s why I’m happy to announce that we’re partnering with Strategy Academy to help our buspreneurs of class StartupBus Europe 2016 with developing a strategy to launch their startups in less than 72 hours. I’m happy to announce this because they’re still in beta as they’ll only launch in September with a strategies for rapid growth and how to discover and develop opportunities.

Strategy Academy logo

Their website will feature free resources including videos, podcasts, blogs and interviews with entrepreneurs to help you grow not only your company but also yourself.

There are many complex aspects to starting, growing, maintaining and selling a business.

Our tag line is “there’s a strategy for that!”
– Gregory Giagnocavo, founder of

Their founder Gregory Giagnocavo has 30 exciting years of experience as an entrepreneur discovering and developing new opportunities. His ventures include writing and publishing books about the Internet beginning in 1992, starting an ISP in 1994, doing VoIP from 2004, as well as being a real estate developer of $50M+ in projects. He will be joining our UK bus to mentor the startups reach growth.

StartupBus UK 2016 is one of four buses participating in StartupBus Europe 2016, Europe’s most intense hackathon. Follow the competition from 2 till 7 September 2016 live on Twitter and on Facebook.

FIFA TMS partners with StartupBus Switzerland 2016


We’re very happy to announce that FIFA TMS (Transfer Matching Systems) is partnering with StartupBus Switzerland 2016 this year.

Here’s what FIFA TMS has to say about themselves:

FIFA TMS strives to be the “go-to” solution provider in the football transfer market. Based on our knowledge of transfers and technology, we are committed to developing high quality products and services designed to meet football stakeholder and customer needs.

We are privileged to have the opportunity to make a difference in football and are always looking for experienced and driven employees to join our team. To learn more about FIFA TMS, please visit

FIFA TMS builds cool products powering the global football scene such as International Transfer Matching System (ITMS), Domestic Transfer Matching System (DTMS), Global Player Exchange (GPX) and analytics through data & reports (D&R). You can follow them on Twitter at @FIFATMS.

StartupBus Switzerland 2016 is one of the buses participating in StartupBus Europe 2016, Europe’s most intensive bootcamp for entrepreneurs, software developers and designers. In 72 hours they’ll have to conceive, build and launch new startups while discovering Europe’s local tech ecosystem. Destination? Pirate Summit in Cologne, Europe’s craziest, invite-only startup conference.

Route of StartupBus Swiss 2016 (subject to change)

Want to join the ride from 2 to 7 September? Apply now at!

jstack sends an employee to StartupBus Belgium 2016


In less than three weeks, we’ll have several buses participating in our StartupBus Europe 2016 competition. One of them is gonna be the Belgian bus.

jstack logo - StartupBus Belgium 2016

We’re very happy to have jstack send one of their awesome employees with a passion for technology on the Belgian bus. Here’s how they describe themselves:

jstack creates innovative software solutions for your business. With an open mind we find a balance between people, technology and project approach to achieve the ambitions of our clients and our employees.

Do not expect a classic consultancy firm, but a group of people with a passion for technology, lots of creative ideas and one goal in mind: adding value for our clients. We work lean and mean with a strong focus on Java and Javascript.

jstack is your partner for:

  • Custom software solutions
  • Product development
  • Technical advice about full stack development with Java and Javascript

The buspreneurs of the Belgian bus will visit jstack‘s beautiful Amsterdam offices with a view on Schiphol Airport on Friday September 2nd.

StartupBus Belgium is one of seven buses competing in the StartupBus Europe 2016 competition. Conducted by Ann Glorieus and Lien Van Den Steen, the bus will depart with 20+ developers, designers and hustlers towards Pirate Summit in Cologne, Europe’s craziest invite-only startup conference. During the 72 hour road trip the participants have to conceive, build and launch new startups.

On Monday 5 September, all buses will convene at the beautiful Corda INCubator in Hasselt (Belgium) for StartupBus Demo Day. All startups born during the road trip have to present their MVP in front of a bunch of experienced entrepreneurs and investors.
If you want to apply, then head on over to and hit the “Apply” button.

Venn provides the wifi for StartupBus Belgium 2016

Last year the Belgian bus used Belgian startup Venn as a wifi provider to ensure reliable internet on board of the bus. This is why we’ve decided to have them as a wifi provider again for 2016!

If you don’t know Venn, Venn delivers connectivity solutions in B2B based on bonding services of multiple mobile and/or fixed connections. Their services allow transportation companies (busses, ships, trains, trams, even cars) to have multiple networks working together at the same time creating bigger network coverage, more stability and more speed. Their services can also be used to connect on any remote or temporary location (events, construction sites,…), it is plug and play, it is that easy. Next to this Venn can create a failover solution or bandwith increase solution to have a faster and more resilient connection. All this as an all-in service, including hardware, software, mobile data, support, …
Contact Venn for more information on

StartupBus Belgium is one of seven buses competing in the StartupBus Europe 2016 competition. Conducted by Ann Glorieus and Lien Van Den Steen, the bus will depart with 20+ developers, designers and hustlers towards Pirate Summit in Cologne, Europe’s craziest invite-only startup conference. During the 72 hour road trip the participants have to conceive, build and launch new startups.

On Monday 5 September, all buses will convene at the beautiful Corda INCubator in Hasselt (Belgium) for StartupBus Demo Day. All startups born during the road trip have to present their MVP in front of a bunch of experienced entrepreneurs and investors.
If you want to apply, then head on over to and hit the “Apply” button.

Swiss StartupBus partnering with the Swiss Startup Factory


Back in May 2016 when the Swiss StartupBus was born, we knew that there were great initiatives in Switzerland to support and accelerate startups but we had to find THE one. The one that matched with the mindset of StartupBus.

After we met their CEO Mike Baur we knew that Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) and StartupBus shared the same values. Swiss Start Up Factory is the only private Swiss incubator and is located in Zürich but aims to provide a great platform for the young and starting entrepreneurs all over Switzerland. SSUF is hence actively changing the existing Swiss startup landscape and we’re very proud of our partnership.

Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) logo

We are looking forward to a great partnership where our buspreneurs can look forward to profit from the massive network of experienced mentors and coaches of SSUF!

StartupBus Swiss is one of the buses competing in StartupBus Europe 2016. About 30 developers, designers and hustlers will work together to conceive, build and launch new startups in 72 hours.

All this while travelling to Pirate Summit, Europe’s craziest startup conference in Cologne (Germany). A mixture between Burning Man, SXSWi and that special German touch, Pirate Summit is an invite-only conference for 1000 investors and entrepreneurs. But before arrival at Pirate Summit, all buses will convene at the beautiful Corda INCubator in Hasselt (Belgium) for StartupBus Demo Day.

If you want to apply for the Swiss bus, then fill in this application form.

Building Moving Experiences with Uber and SoundHound


Back in May 2016 we had the StartupBus North America 2016 competition driving from all over North America to Boulder Startup Week in Colorado.

The San Francisco bus was sponsored by Uber and had some dev evangelists onboard to help the new startups build awesome products using the Uber APIs. Check out the below 20 minute video with a walk-through through the APIs of both Uber and SoundHound (the latter showcasing some cool speech APIs!).

The video was cut from this one hour panel about disrupting transportation at Uber HQ in San Francisco.
StartupBus San Francisco 2016 kick-off panel at Uber HQ

StartupBus believes entrepreneurship cannot be taught but it can be learned. We do this through experiences such as our annual StartupBus competitions. In the past seven years we’ve built a global network of around 1500 tested tech entrepreneurs.

If you want to become part of our global family, our next competition is StartupBus Europe 2016, happening from 2-7 September 2016 with demo day at Corda INCubator in Hasselt (Belgium) and finals at Pirate Summit in Cologne (Germany). Apply now at!

Capture the Culture of StartupBus

You’re about to join a society of hackers, hipsters, and hustlers that have all gone through the same experience you just signed up for. We’re united by a desire to build and disrupt the status quo, and we don’t often talk about our culture because we all understand what it takes to be a part of this community: passion and a little bit of insanity.
After this journey, you’ll be able to turn up in hundreds of cities around the globe and immediately plug into like minded people because of the StartupBus network. You’ll have what Dave McClure of 500 startups refers to as better than an MBA – the title of former Busrepreneur. And we want to make sure there is plenty of photographic and video evidence to prove it. To do that, we’ve plugged into one of our network to build us a custom version of the WeVue app, branded just for StartupBus, and accessible only by current and former members of our community.
WeVue is designed to help companies and organizations capture, enhance, and promote their culture through crowdsourcing photos and videos from their communities. In turn, we’ll be piping the best of that content directly to our website, sharing it across social media, and using it to entice future Busrepreneurs in the years to come.
Download for iOS
Download for Android 
You can sign up for the app by using the same email you used to pay for StartupBus, and once you confirm your email and log in, you’ll be in a private culture network created just for us. Every region will have an album just for them to post content to. We ask that you add the best photos and videos you’re capturing during your journey. Upload your pitch practice to get feedback from past riders and other buses, show of your awesome swag, and make sure to get some good shots of people passed out on rest stop benches at 2AM.
Want to win a $200 Amazon gift card? We thought you might be able to use it to buy all the cool products you didn’t realize you needed until after you got on the bus. We’ve got a super secret contest going that factors in who best embodies the culture of StartupBus and shows it on the app. You’ll get points for adding content, liking and commenting on posts from other regions, and showing the best progress on your pitch and the winner will be announced on stage in Nashville.
You’re on this bus because you’re pretty tech savvy, but if you need a full walkthrough of how the app works, you can find one here.
Good luck, god speed, tweet your sponsors, and don’t poop on the bus.

Simon Anquetil (CTO AppHappening) explains why he loves StartupBus so much



My journey with StartupBus began in 2010. I was sitting in a hotel room in Tampa, Florida the night before I left on a cruise with my then girlfriend, Caleigh. It had been a long time since I had taken a good holiday, so I was looking forward to the deserved break! While Caleigh was in the shower, I decided to go online and do some quick email followups. I knew I would be in serious trouble if I tried to do this during our holiday, so I thought it best to sneak in beforehand. While online, I also checked my Facebook. The top item in my newsfeed read something like this:

“So – apparently an idea that I had while drinking at the pub is being taken half seriously. Does anyone else think it’s a good idea to get a bus full of entrepreneurs to build businesses en route to SxSW from Silicon Valley”. This shout-out came from my old school friend, Elias Bizannes. I remember that moment, and I remember thinking that this could be something really great! I wrote to him, letting him know that I would be on holiday for a few days but that I would contact him on my return to Sydney.

First StartupBus sponsor

Within less than two weeks, my software development Company – eStrategy Group – had become the first sponsor of the first StartupBus. I was proud to see our name up in lights with Atlassian – who are an inspiration to all Australian companies, but particularly those of us from the tech world.

I needn’t fill you in on the rest of the details! Years have passed, and StartupBus is now a large and well-respected institution in the startup scene. And I am pleased to be involved again with my current startup, AppHappening, being platinum sponsor for the Netherlands bus.

AppHappening competition for a final seat in the bus!

To strengthen our commitment to ensuring that the Netherlands bus has the finest selection of entrepreneurs (or AppGeniuses as we like to call them over at AppHappening), we are giving the general public one more shot to win an elusive seat on the Netherlands bus. We are running a competition at to choose one more lucky person for the privilege of having an all-expenses paid trip. The opportunity to work with some of the best hackers, hustlers and creatives in the game on a “take-no-prisoners” 72hr journey where not only businesses will be built, but so will life-long connections and networks.

AppHappening Award and philosophy of an idea

Further, we will be awarding one lucky business with the AppHappening Award this year. This award includes a co-funding prize to be spent on developing your application on our unique platform AppHappening supports people who are great at their craft. And we are trying to build a community where anybody who has an idea for an app can find the support they need from the experts they need to have it built. We recognize above all that, while it’s great to have an idea, you also need the network and community to help make that idea a reality. So, for us, StartupBus was just another way of delivering our same business-as-usual model in a disruptive fashion. And we are looking forward to seeing the results.

So come on over to our website and have a read about how we are doing things a little differently. We want to be the one-stop-shop for people who have great ideas but need support to get them off the ground. And while you are there, please enter the competition so you can join us on the Netherlands bus of StartupBus Europe 2013.