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The Buspreneur GoldenGuide


To be a Buspreneur you have to be passionate, creative, motivated and even more… Be ready, StartupBus is going to be a hard 3-days experience !
Paolo Bertolero, ex-buspreneur UK and current StartupBus Ita producer, shared with us his “Buspreneur Golden-Guide”, 13 tips for buspreneurs and aspirant entrepreneurs, that will help you to make your journey fun and successful. Enjoy!

The Buspreneur Golden-Guide

1. Don’t ever allow failures to weaken your entrepreneurial ambitions but learn from them
2. No matter which global ambitions you have for your startup just keep it really simple
3. Make sure to invest in the people working with you instead of in an office in the Gherkin
4. It’s never too late to be a Buspreneur, if you want to do a life changing experience this is the opportunity you were looking for.
5. If you really love your idea, try your best to destroy it. Chances are if you fail to do so, your idea will be successful.
6. Listen to the others Buspreneurs before you expect them to listen to you.
7. If you think your business idea is perfect that’s because you have received enough feedback from your friends but not from your customers.
8. Deadlines are the greatest motivator
9. Caffeine does help productivity, especially at night
10. Entrepreneurship is not a career but a lifestyle, yo!
11. StartupBus is a real 72h marathon, be sure you are ready for that!
12. Germany is a good place to join StartupBus 2013. Just an idea.
13. Having fun is everybody’s need but for an entrepreneur it’s also a business opportunity.

Do you think you are ready to be the next Buspreneur?

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