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Team eVal

The eVal team believes that feedback is a big deal. The feedback loop between your speedometer and your foot gets you home safe every day. The feedback from your teachers helps you improve who you are.

So we are pleased to introduce Bridge. The feedback loop between you and your customers.

We use proximity technology to determine when a customer is leaving your store. We push them a one-question, three-second survey, and let them leave a brief compliment or critique.

As soon as we get that response, we push it to your managers at ground zero. Imagine if you could resolve service problems before customers reached the carpark, let alone before the negative reviews and viral headaches. More importantly, turning a poor experience into a great experience, is the gold standard of customer relations management. Customers who appreciate your efforts to resolve their problems develop a sense of great loyalty and spend far more money on return business than they otherwise ever would. They also recommend your business to their friends because they know you will move mountains to help.

Bridge lets your managers know whenever they have a customer service win so they learn how to better deal with customers. It also collects data on how often you have customer service wins, so that eVal can genuinely recommend your business to future customers. Two self-reinforcing feedback loops laid right on top of each other. That’s a formula for success.

The eVal team is made up of four members: Lee Brigs, an international athlete and student at the International College of Management, Sydney; David Di Sipio, an organisational psychologist; Muk Hlis Mah, a programmer and mathematician; and Luke Morton, an operations officer in Australian Army. Together they bring the skills, experiences, and mindset needed to make Bridge work.

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