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Last month, TechCrunch broke the news that we are expanding in 2012. We can confirm we’re full steam ahead and pending sponsor commitments that have been verbalised as coming true, we will be having 300 people in this competition in what is our annual intake program to bring people into our community (double what we did in March 2011).

Where will the buses be departing? Today we are announcing that both Silicon Valley and New York City will be having a representation, due to their winning performance in last years finals. The unlock campaign which has helped us get insight (not decide) has yieled some surprising results. It has influenced us, but the final decision will not be based on those votes and we will announce our decisions progressively over the comming weeks. If you want to understand how to get a tribe represented, local sponsorship contributions to the competition and quality of applicants from a particular place will be what impacts this. We will be announcing where the remaining buses will depart from in coming weeks, who will be led by “conductors” driving the campaign (more on that another time).

Which leads us to the reason we are posting today: we are officially announcing that applications for our competition in March are now open.

Now what?

1) Authenticate on  Connect your Facebook accounts to the site or create a new account with your email. This will authenticate you into the system where you can find out more. What this does is log you in our database as interested — it doesn’t mean you have access to the application page.

2) Get invited. If you’re noticed as someone with potential, one of the organisers might send one. A better bet is to look on social media for people offering to invite other people (people that have been invited also have two invites to give to people they believe in).

3) Apply. Once invited, the application webpage will show you options on how to apply. Go ahead and be creative — since that TechCrunch post, we’ve had over 800 people ask to be on the waiting list, so we’re expecting more than we can handle.

4) Confirm your attendance. If accepted, congratulations! We’ve got a team of people that will be reviewing and re-reviewing every single application in the next month. We heavily invest in this process because for us the competition is just the start of a long term relationship with you and the rest of the alumni whom are all very unique people in the technology industry. Details about this step will be sent out to those accepted in February.

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